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It’s Nuckalavee!

Who loves ya?

Nuckalavee loves going to the beach, running down travelers, and SPF 120 sunscreen! Nuckalavee doesn’t like fresh water. Nuckalavee is from Orkney, and wishes everybody would come visit him real soon!

…well, I couldn’t stop with just the Krasue, after all. This one was rough—took like three runs at the sketch, and had to look at a lot of chibi art on Deviantart, which I think counts as suffering for one’s art. But I finally got something that made Kevin’s eye-twitch, which is the victory condition for these, and set to work!

Prints are available, and you can get Krasue and Nuckalavee together as a set!

Originally published at Tea with the Squash God. You can comment here or there.


My one and only semi-critique is that I thought a Nucklavee basically had a cyclopian Eye of Sauron thing going on, but accept that it's probably regional.


Their names look so perfectly made-up for this it is a wonder no one (meaning basically you) thought of it sooner.

In unrelated news, this frog perched on a fallen branch over our neglected pond reminded me of your winged frogs.

It looks like a My Little Pony gone horribly wrong.

You managed to make it fairly cute, which is amazing because seriously, the Nuckalavee is one of the ickier folkloric critters out there.

A GIS for "My Little Nuckalavee" doesn't come back empty (though it does suggest the spelling preference "My Little Nuckelavee").

I want you to know that I am sliding into the Wiki Abyss because I didn't know what a Nuckalavee was. Thanks. I'll send you a postcard from the Sarlaac Pit's digestive system.

It's a different art style, but there's something a little Garbage Pal Kids about this. Perhaps it's because the chibi form makes it looks a little like a small horse-child thing enjoying life despite having no skin and oozing blood.

You are magnificent.

Oh, this is fantastic! The Nuckelavee is my favourite go-to example of Fucked Up Folklore, so I might have to keep this in mind for future gift suggestions when my family asks what I want for Christmas... :P

auuuugh that song will never get out of my head

Nukelavee! Oh Nukelavee!
You're big and evil and heinous!
Who could it be who set you free?
He really must be an anus!

Nuckelavee, oh Nuckelavee
The terror you offer is high-class
Who could it be who set ya free?
He really must be an dumbass.

Oh god I think I saw this on an episode of Happy Tree Friends.

If there turn out to be four or five of these, you should sell them as valentine packs.

Draw three more of these; this needs to be a sticker set. It will mmmoooove. Get your agent to pitch it to a sticker company. Seriously.

Oh, Ursula. You aren't even in the same COUNTRY code as right.

Very sweet! I'm quite fond of the Nuckalavee. I can see how the flayed look comes up cuter than the black blood coursing through yellow veins look.

Nice job with the oversized head, it's something that works well with the cute factor as well as an accurate rendition of the creature.

It is both terribly, terribly adorable and horribly, hideously wrong. Fantastic!