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That was fast…

…the Asian Dragon original heads to e-bay!

Originally published at Tea with the Squash God. You can comment here or there.


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LOL I'm surprised it wasn't headed that way within five minutes of being posted, honestly. =) Have you considered just posting them there by default? ;)

*laugh* It honestly seems like more than it really is. Of the big batches of originals I was posting before these last couple of cons, only about half had people pouncing on them, and probably a third of those only had one person interested.

And, y'know. I hate to assume. Putting it directly on e-bay just makes me feel like I'm going "OF COURSE THIS IS SO AWESOME EVERYBODY WILL FIGHT FOR IT!" and...errr...y'know. *cough*

If you're going for cheap, still, I have a recipe.

One can of kidney beans, one can of diced tomatoes, on kidney bean can full of rice, two kidney bean can full of water... paprika optional. Throw into rice cooker into done.

Velveeta is good. One ingredient that is vital to my version is a couple hard shots of Louisiana brand hot sauce. Your version might be decent with a strong flavor hot sauce that you can get ahold of.

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