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Capybara auction!

Apparently the capybara hit critical mass last night, because there were about a half-dozen e-mails when I got up this morning. I mention this only so that I can point out that “Capybara Critical Mass” would be a good name for a ska band, and also that the original is on e-bay.

Also, it is thundering. And the sun is shining. I find this vaguely unsettling.

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Hrm. Not thinking that link is linking what it should be linking? >.>

or is that just me? /fail

Fixed. Please ignore bit where I am an idiot. *cough*

I would buy all of their albums on the strength the name alone.

I am not at all surprised about the capybara heading off to ebay. And man, if you ever draw one in a trenchcoat a la Bogart, I will SO snag it. Capybaras would look good slouching along the Mean City Streets.

For Best Effect, Read in Peter Fawkes' Voice

She trundled into my office... she had a body that was ten percent legs, seventy percent fur, and 110 percent trouble. I hurried through the last of my leafy greens.

Thirty minutes later I was finished.

"What can I do for you?"

Re: For Best Effect, Read in Peter Fawkes' Voice

Thank you for that. *snerk*

Re: For Best Effect, Read in Peter Fawkes' Voice

:D You are most welcome.

It was all I could do not to transcribe the accent and type "into my offish"

Re: For Best Effect, Read in Peter Fawkes' Voice


Re: For Best Effect, Read in Peter Fawkes' Voice

....and I just realized that's supposed to be "Falk". *facepalm; shame*

Re: For Best Effect, Read in Peter Fawkes' Voice

And here I was with a wonderful mental image of a phoenix in a trenchcoat . . . ;-D


Re: For Best Effect, Read in Peter Fawkes' Voice

It's okay; we all knew what you were talking about.

which... says a lot about the rest of us.

Re: unrelated comment about wombats

Holy crap! Talk about things with which one should not fuck. And there were people in Australia when those suckers were still alive?! And they even hunted them? Or at least fought them off? Man, those folks were some serious badasses!

Re: unrelated comment about wombats

"Things with which one should not fuck". It's in there, just using the contortions needed to pretend that English sentences are shaped like Latin ones.

I really, really considered that one, but as I had just bid on (and won) 2 of your other originals, I didn't want to seem like a pig about your artwork. As it works out, you'll probably end up getting more for it on eBay than it would have gone for in the art show, so cool!

Were you ever able to find/download my e-mail with the icon scan attached I sent to you?

Can you resend it? I suspect it may have wandered off during the Great Computer Migration in the last couple months.

Brainfart, sent it to the wrong address! Resent now, thanks again for all your effort and time!

Mega-Wombat Unearthed in Australia

"Mega-wombat" unearthed in Australia!

"Weighing in at a whopping three tonnes, the herbivorous diprotodon was the largest marsupial to ever roam the earth and lived between two million and 50,000 years ago."


For some reason, I thought of you, Ursula...

Re: Mega-Wombat Unearthed in Australia

(Glad I read comments, before posting link to Huffington Post, about this…

Well, my partner told me to send it to Ursula, so I did…)

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