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And there was much rejoicing!

Kevin got a job!

It’s local, it looks awesome, only thing is that he has to fly to Seattle for three weeks of training pretty much immediately. I am going to try and go out for a week, both to see Seattle (where I haven’t been in a dog’s age) and to get some serious distraction-free writing time in, which will hopefully allow me to get Regency Ninja significantly underway. (Yes, my agent likes it, yes, I’m writing it, no, I know absolutely nothing more beyond that.)

Meanwhile, have some art! I was in the mood to do small, brightly colored portraits of random animals.

I am a rooster. Rar.

6 x 6, mixed media. Kevin described this one as “The colors say that he’s at a rave, but the expression says that he’s a cop.”

Original is for sale, prints available!

Goth Sheep is Dark. DARK LIKE YOUR SOUL.

Meanwhile, Kevin felt this one said “I have wool. But first, listen to this Bauhaus album!” Me, I just liked the wool. (Although it’s weird how the black lines came out oddly dark–the light of the scanner bounced differently off the black ink than it does off the rest of the paper, so they’re peculiarly stark on the scan.)

6 x 6, mixed media. Both of these are on cradled clayboard, so they’re ready to hang as is. Prints of Goth Sheep available!

Now I think I’m gonna curl up with some wine and Okamiden.


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Going on a trip is distraction-free?

Edited to fix a parenthesis because I'm nitpicky

WOO, REGENCY NINJA! Yay for your agent! (Who probably looked at all the comments squeeing over Regency Ninja on your LJ, and figured that if she withheld it, there'd be unhappy ninja commenters peering at her reprovingly.)

Also, Woo, Job!

Edited at 2011-07-10 12:36 am (UTC)

Re: Edited to fix a parenthesis because I'm nitpicky

But if the ninja commenters were doing their jobs of being ninjas, she would never notice the reproving stares!

Okay, she might have the nagging feeling of universal disapproval.

Agree on the Kevinjobyays, and it's probably a good idea for ursulav to branch out from Dragonbreath. ^_^

Oh gosh Okamiden. I have seen the promotional art, adore Okami, and am horribly jealous of the folks with the system to play it. Is it as mind-meltingly adorable as it looks?


*Claps insanely*

Hurrah for Kevin's Job and bright colorful animals.

But I actually clapped at the prospect of the Regency Ninja. Love it.

thank you :D

I was wondering if him being around here for a few days would mean that y'all would be moving up here! Now I know.

Drop me a line if y'all want to come do lunch/dinner/whatever, I'm in the U District.

Won't be moving there, but I/we will be spending some time out there a few times a year, it seems.

I won't have a car this time around, but we've talked about renting one when she comes out. Bellevue is VERY walkable, though, so we'll see how it works out.

(Deleted comment)
Squeeee about Regency Ninja!

I will buy it. I will force my library to buy it. I will rave about it to my Reader Advisory roundtable. Joyful noises are in progress.

And woo-hoo for employed Kevin!


So thrilled to hear you'll write more of the ninja story!!

And I love the goth sheep... but then again, I draw goth sheep http://harmlessfangirl.deviantart.com/gallery/?offset=24#/d2ohmob

Ha ha ha, Regency Ninja is becoming real!

o/~ Baaaaah-la Lugosi's dead... o/~

*Cackles wildly* I was so hoping your agent would see it and ask for it! Yesssssss!

Also, I like the undercover rave-rooster very much.

Also, the point of the post: Congrats, Kevin!

You're coming to Seattle? Eee! Um. I mean. Night Kitchen doesn't have the Biting Pear drink any more, alas, but we still owe you a drink or two for letting us use the name. If you find yourself hungry late at night, I hope you'll come by. We're open 6pm-6am.

Awww, I never managed to come while y'all had the drink...oh well.

Beautiful work, as always. The wool almost looks like paisley. And paisley wool is something the world needs.

Between the Regency Ninjas (yay!!! -- that's purely selfish on my part), Kevin's new job, and animals with attitude, you're having really good day, aren't you?

Sooo...is your agent also gonna let you write the Thing With The Goblins?
< looks hopeful >

But anyway. Yay job! Yay Ninjahanger Abbey! Yay Rooster!

which will hopefully allow me to get Regency Ninja significantly underway. (Yes, my agent likes it, yes, I’m writing it, no, I know absolutely nothing more beyond that