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Disdainful Turtle

We have new stuff! There is a new KUEC up! In it, we explore what happens when Pocky meets mac & cheese. I have tasted things, man. THINGS.

Also, I will be at the Cary Barnes & Noble this Friday at 7, to do a little reading and sign Dragonbreath. The timing is somewhat ironic, because Book 5 comes out NEXT week, but hopefully it’ll all work out for the best. Come on out! Save me from an audience entirely full of children, who will not get half of my jokes and will bite me on the ankles if sufficiently bored! Thrills! Chills! Assorted ills!

Finally, have a judgmental turtle.

5 x 5 mixed media on board. Judgmental Turtle saw what you did. Yes, he did. He prefers not to speak of it, but he saw.

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Judgmental turtle has sexy clavicles

(first comment! Woo!)

They disdained the meteor out of existence!

That... that is an amazingly disdainful turtle. I feel well and truly judged. (I love love LOVE the colors on him.)

You're just putting the same expression on different animals to see how it fits them, aren't you?
Should make an interesting set.

Daughter and I should be at signing. Gotta pick something up for Skippy, too.

Judgmental Turtle is truly splendid!

Brief anecdote. There is a French rpg, In Nomine Satanis/Magna Veritas, which was later translated/traducted to produce the still excellent but rather milder In Nomine rpg from Steve Jackson Games. The original INS/MV had incredibly dark humour.

The reason I mention this is because there was an incident in an adventure in the game canon where the Archangel of Judgment (responsible for Heaven's inquisition) was kidnapped due to treachery by his second-in-command, and bound into the form of a Galapagos tortoise. (The idea was that he would be freed from the binding when he died, but since Galapagos tortoises live a long, long time... well, his second-in-command wouldn't have any problems for quite a while.) The PCs end up being sent to rescue him, having to infiltrate an organization of rebel angels via being framed for Horrendous Crimes, with a squad of Enforcement type angels after them and a five minute head start. There was also a demon involved with a giant apple green chainsaw.

(The French INS/MV was very weird. I treasure my sourcebooks.)

But you can perhaps see why my first thought on seeing your gorgeous picture involved the Archangel of Judgment trapped in the body of a giant turtle.

Edited at 2011-07-12 01:31 am (UTC)

(I have heard the story of the ArchTortoise of Judgment, and if incandescens hadn't found this on her own, I was going to have to point it out to her. TORTOISE OF JUDGMENT, YES!)

Dear gods, Judgmental Turtle looks just like one of our IT Department guys where I work. Bald head and all, seriously. Same frown. O_O...

Best of luck at the B&N!

I think you owe us a tasting, as well...

...or do we need to contact your sister?

I couldn't help but wonder whether he was a proud member of the Balthazar lineage, carrying on their tradition of hauteur...

My first reaction was "Hey, is that Balthazar? Where's the lemon?"

I'm the proud owner of the first three Dragonbreath books (there's a 4th already?! omg), bought under the pretense that they'll be GREAT for my nephew once he's old enough for them.

The reality of the situation though is that there's no way I'm giving them up and I'll probably just get him his own set when he's older in the future. When he's not still two.

On a slightly different note, I got my copy of Digger 6 today.

So far I've discovered a winged snail I don't remember noticing before.

Judgemental Turtle saw what you did, and is Singularly Unimpressed. ♥

That turtle makes me laugh.

I kinda wish we could do a road trip to the signing, but as I would be supplying my own kid it seems somewhat counterproductive. I mean, she's too young yet to bite your ankles -- I guess she could gum them viciously -- but I can pretty much guarantee she won't get your jokes. Hopefully some other adult sorts will step up to the plate....

"There's is going to be an episode, in my perfect world, where she snaps"

All I can say is...keep watching. ;)

(Also, there is a rather infamous fanfic titled "Cupcakes" in which she is secretly a cannibalistic serial killer. I do not recommend it.)

All these comments and I'm still waiting for this one:

"The Turtle moves!"

*makes the SIGN and skitters off*