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Triceratops Says “Wub.”

6 x 12, mixed media on board

Let’s be clear—this is not “love” pronounced as “wub.” That would be saccharine. Triceratopses just say “wub.” Well known science fact.

At least, the young ones do. The older ones say “gronk.” Stegasaurs say “moo.” Anklyosaurs go “Hmmph!” and ignore you thereafter.

Look, I don’t make the rules.

Original for sale, prints available and all that good stuff!

Originally published at Tea with the Squash God. You can comment here or there.


This is soooooo cute!

*heart melts*

I was starting to have a crappy evening, but this is cute enough that it nipped the feeling crappy in the bud.

I have had a crappy evening, and this made me tear up.



Wub. Wub.

Wub wub wub wub.

Wub wub wub wub wubwubwubwubwubwubwubwub--*lifts off and floats away*

(Deleted comment)
love this so much it's so adorable OMG squeeeee *ahem*

oh my god if you make a stego I will TOTALLY purchase it.

not even in mental discussion with myself about budgets. it is something I would be obligated to possess.

Carnivores go rawr. Herbivores go gronk. Omnivores...err...sing showtunes. Or something.

Hahahahaha oh this is great, especially the accompanying logic.

Maybe the triceratops is trying to do dubstep!


(Deleted comment)
One of these days they're going to be able to figure out what colors the dinosaurs actually were, and something particularly ferocious is gonna turn out to have been brilliant flamingo pink. I am dead certain of this. ^_^ I sincerely hope so, anyway.

Oh, but this isn't saccharine at all.

"All you need is 'wub'..."

Sorry. Couldn't resist.

Stegasaurs don't actually walk either, they trundle.