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Stegosaurus Says “Moo”

6 x 12 mixed media on cradled clayboard

Dimetrodon says “Pfeh.” Icthysaurs use sonar and so what they say is completely unrenderable in English.

It took two pages of doodles to work out the stegosaurus, and the only other doodle of interest is the one with prickly-pear cactus for spines, which I still think is kinda neat.

Prints available!

Originally published at Tea with the Squash God. You can comment here or there.


This is great.
I hope you also do an Ankylosaurus or a Parasauralophus.
They can be adorable and fun to draw

The ankylosaurus has been really problematic. I keep trying, and I keep getting a deformed pangolin with an attitude.

Weird and wonderful, as always!

I suspect you are already aware of this fact, but apparently no one knows how stegosauruses had sex. My friend the evil yet sexy librarian got a job while still in library school because she knew this useful bit of information. Well, probably because she's good and all, but that fact tipped the odds in her favor.

Given the teeth on icthysaurs, I'd have thought "nom" a close enough translation.

i hate you with a fierceness that mirrors my weakness.

That steggy is A-Dorable. But I want to see the one with prickly pear plates. I bet he'd go perfect next to the biting pear.

Ichthyosaurs say 'ping'.

1. Which one says 'nee!'?

2. I need this in my life.

Definitely the diplodocus

I have this unassailable fear that the Trachodon says "Afflac!"

This is utterly unrelated - but it involves botflies, so it made me think of you. >.>

I went to a sheep slaughter this weekend, and ended up going home with some heads. I boiled them to clean them, as gifts for friends. (...what? This isn't a normal gift?)

As I was cleaning out the sinus cavities of the first one A GIANT FUCKIN' LARVAL THING fell out into the sink. It was dead from the boiling, of course, but this was highly unexpected! I screamed like a little girl and around around the house.

After a little internet research, I discover the 'sheep nose bot' is an extremely common parasite. I've since discovered more botflies in the other skulls.

So. Fucking. Gross.

...sorry. Had to tell someone.

Fascinating! And horrible!

Squee! So cute!

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go and melt into a puddle :-)

This is an insanely adorable steggo. Beyond all reason and measure.

I can't see a stegosaurus without thinking about the late Thag Simmons


When my monster child was still a sweet little kid, he named Cornish Pasties "stegosaurus pies" so "Moo" is a completely appropriate thing for a pie prey animal to say :D

You can see the resemblance -- it wasn't that much of a stretch for a kid with a finely tuned sense of the gross and inappropriate.