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Mutant fetus villain?

Okay, before I start the what-was-that-book communities, I shall seek knowledge from you, O vast cross-section of fandom!

Do any of you remember a book…pretty sure it was science fiction…where the villain was a weird evil fetus thingy? He could walk around, he was human sized, but he had that freaky fetal head thing going on, only bigger. Possibly he was telepathic, not entire clear on that, but he was definitely bad. I recall the weird eyes and whatnot being rather horribly vividly described and it gave me the screaming weeblies, and for some reason I forgot it for, oh, twenty years or so, and now it’s poking at my brain with a stick.

I am pretty sure this is neither “Lasher” nor “Demon Seed” which as I recall also involved freaky mutant fetuses.

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The only thing I've read that sounds remotely like that is the part in Asimov's Foundation series with the Mule, who was a deformed telepathic human. But I suspect that's not what you're talking about.

Clive Barker's The Great and Secret Show had a villain who had like a ghost fetus head thing going was weird

I came here to suggest that it's a Clive Barker novel! I don't know which one, but it sounds vaguely familiar and definitely Barker.

There's the Novella by George R. R. Martin "The Way of Cross and Dragon"; but a non-perambulatory telepath, and morally ambiguous-ish.
Mostly shameless plug, regardless. GRRM rocks.


I'd forgotten that story! "They have made a saint of Judas Iscariot." Great stuff.

Can't help you, but it occurs to me that the comments on this post will become a treasure trove for anyone who has a thing for fetus-like villains in their sci fi. You'll soon have a list of every single one under the sun. :P

Heinlein's short story "Lost Legacy"?

Wiki doesn't say so, but ISTR the leader of the villans was vaguely...uh...fetusoid.

Dr. Fetus is the villain of the video game Super Meat Boy, does that count?

Reminds me of a dream I had once which was horror themed and was trying to be a nightmare but it wasn't really working, and it was trying to be a film because there were these long forboding 'shots' of the ocean for no sensible purpose.

Eventually, it turned out that everything was happening due to the machinations of this evil telepathic mutant dolphin fetus.

...Yeah, I know.

If that's not bad enough, I can talk about the dream where people were trying to take over the world by releasing cybernetic dairy-products, or the one where multiple Michelle Pfeiffers pulled their skins off and wanted to know if they were still pretty.

Or the others. I used to write them in a book, you see.

...And yet, people still let me teach at university. In retrospect, this would seem a poor strategic decision.

I'm so glad to know I'm not the only one with SF dreamscapes. I read a whole lot of SF growing up, and now it shows up in my dreams in very odd ways sometimes.

I suspect it's not the Mekon from Dan Dare, but classic 1950s British comic villains are always worthy of a mention :)

One of E E Smith's Lensmen series (_Second Stage Lensman_) ends with Kimball Kennison defeating such a creature - the dictator of a planet, hiding his Arisan form under a "zone of compulsion".

That's the one I was thinking of. Man, the Lensmen sagas... blast back to middle school.

Wasn't the Source of All Evil on one of the worlds in Wrinkle in Time a large pulsing brain?

I thought of that too, but it's not a fetus and it wasn't described in that much detail.

I was going to suggest the Dark Tower, but Mordred does eventually grow up. Into a hideous human/spider hybrid.

If that doesn't want to make you scream, I don't know what would.

Bob the Angry Flower has Freddy the Floating Fetus, but he's not a bad guy.

Don't know if you went through a phase of reading Dr. Who episode novelizations, but if so, the one with the Zygons matches your description.

There are also the Chasch from Jack Vance's Tschai series, who had fetusy heads and ball-bearing looking eyes.

Bob The Angry Flower and Flem have both had floating fetus characters.


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