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I’m Only Happy When It Rains

Actually, that’s not true. I’m just a lot happier when it has rained recently, since we’re getting blazing heat with no relief here at the moment. (Okay, we got a sprinkle about five minutes ago, which just barely wetted the stones around the pond. That doesn’t help.)

I’m still amazed, however, at how much life there is in the garden, even when some of the plants are getting a little wilty.

Gray Tree Frog

This cute little guy was down on the ground near the corner of a bed. (The black thing in the corner is a shred of landscape fabric–I’ve been tearing that crap up all year.)

Chinese mantis. This is why I don't have spicebush swallowtail caterpillars.

I don’t begrudge the circle of life and all, but I would have liked at least ONE caterpillar to make it.

Om nom nom nectar nom glomph

And apparently I was wrong about being the only one who likes nasturtiums. This swallowtail had crammed his entire upper body into the flower.

Since I’m about to go out of town again, I watered down the garden before I went, just in case we get another week with no rain. The garden can survive that kind of drought, but there’s enough new plants in there that haven’t gotten a chance to establish yet—and of course the vegetables!—that I feel better giving everybody a good soaking before I go.

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It looks like the mantis is saying "you gonna eat that?"

That's close to what I was thinking!

To me, the mantis looks like it's begging. (Grubs, pweeeeeeeeze?)

Hey, add me to the list of Beings Who Like Nasturtiums! I live in a HOA dominated townhouse colony and what gets planted out front is strictly controlled. Some night soon, I'll be going out and planting a bunch of nasturtium seeds near the house under the wild dead sticks that the gardening guys won't do anything about. By the time the plants are big, no one will know they don't belong there... and I'll get my pretty pretty plants!



Those critters look awesome...

Those are really gorgeous shots, particularly the one of the nasturtiums. But that mantis... man, I had no IDEA they were that spiky! @_@ Also, did you know you can pickle nasturtium-seedpods and eat 'em? (the flowers are edible too-- spicy!)

i have permanent nasturtiums in the front yard, and one of the things i like to do for visitors from the midwest is pick leaves and flowers to go in salad. younger leaves are better.

The mantis has the same body posture I imagine your cats and dogs had during the infamous menudo incident on KUEC. XDDDD

The best thing about gray tree frogs is the way they change color to match their background. I remember finding one when I was a kid, and thinking that I had made the greatest scientific discovery ever.

Sadly, it turns out that other people know about it, which makes me wonder why all my reptile books were so excited about anoles.

I'm sorry you didn't get to home-grow some spicebush swallowtails, but that mantis is MAGNIFICENT!

And apparently I was wrong about being the only one who likes nasturtiums.

The bumblebees on my allotment love them too. I don't even have to plant them any more either, they just arrive by themselves (the nasturtiums, not the bumblebees...)

Que Topknot imagining bumblebee plants.

Man could you send some of that rain my way. It's been over two weeks and my poor gardens are quite unhappy. Love that mantis shot!

That photo of the butterfly [and the caption, lol] are so cute!

Eeeeeee, froggy! It's so CUTE. Looks rather like the pacific tree frogs I grew up with. I wish I had frogs in my garden now - but I think I will have to make do with the slender salamanders and Unidentified Newt-thing.

I also love nasturtiums, as do the bees in my garden.

This Is Just To Say

I have eaten
that were on
the spicebush

even though
you were probably
for butterflies.

Forgive me
they were delicious
so plump
and so soft.

--apologies to William Carlos Williams, for the second time this week.

Off Topic: I just got my copy of Ghostbreath.


Whatever happened to your salt water tank and all the Bobs? I don't recall you mentioning it in a while.

I am so, so, so painfully in love with that mantis! Eee! I kind of wish I lived somewhere they could be found outside this insectary. :P

That is a very lovely swallowtail, and I agree with both of your assessments that nasturtiums are awesome.