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Washington Meet-Up

Whew, what a few days! I have done tourist stuff, bought art, visited the Utilikilt store, had Copper River salmon, and done some serious guerrilla birding. Today, however, I have to remember that this is a working vacation and Do Some Writing, Damnit. I am therefore in a coffee shop. In a few hours, I will go to another coffee shop. I believe there are sufficient coffee shops to keep me a creative nomad for the duration.

So! If you're in Bellevue, WA or can get there easily, I will be at the Starbucks attached to the Bellvue Downtown Barnes & Noble at 7pm this Thursday. Come on out if you'd like to say hi--I would be delighted to meet some local peeps, I will sign anything if you're dying to get it signed.

If you're wondering who I am and do not remember what I look like, or have only seen the photos with The Boots, I will have a small metal chicken on the table. (Thanks, Kathy!) Look for the chicken! The chicken compels you!

Hope to see you there!

I was at Ross yesterday and they had metal chickens--but nothing to the scale of Beyonce.

Ahhh, if I didn't have to work I'd pop up to Seattle.

On the other hand, I'm convinced Bellevue functions on non-Euclidian geometery -- it's the only city I've ever been in where I always get lost -- so it's safer this way.

I don't know how long you're in the area or what your schedule is like, but if you have the time, a 45 minute drive will get you to Nisqually. The birding is wonderful there.

Odd, because Bellevue is so easy for me to navigate. Maybe my brain functions on non-Euclidian geometry. ;)

Seriously, though, for the greater Seattle area, you can rarely count on the sun's position to help you, because it's so often obscured. When I'm out hiking, I get turned around easily on a cloudy day if there are no familiar landmarks with which to orient myself. (Oh, there's that oddly phallic stump we pass halfway down the trail. Now I know where we are!)

It breaks my heart that you are on the West Coast when I am in Columbus. I fly home on the 3rd, don't suppose you'll still be around there? ... Enjoy!

Sadly no, I'll be long gone by then, alas!

You'll sign *Anything*? Might want to be careful what you offer. ;)

Also, yes, I will be there. First you on Thursday, then GRRM on Friday. My week is officially Awesome.

...is it bad that I sort of want to show up there with a chicken of my own and write? When people ask me if I'm you, I could just claim I thought it was a writing-with-your-chicken flashmobby type thing.. ;-)

I yearn for the youtube-y-ness of a flashmob write-with-your-chicken!

You might very well see me and the missus there! Possibly with Dragonbreath books in tow!

Ah, of course... the week I am gone, you actually make it to this side of the continent. I would have totally driven the 3 hours down from Canada, even. *sigh* Maybe I'll make it out to an east coast con one of these days....

::frown:: I had hoped you meant Washington, D.C. When will you be gracing the nation's capital with your presence?

If you like Charles Stross' books, he's doing a reading at the University Bookstore. Several fans of you both will be there.

I think I can make it out to Bellvue, it's just a small matter of bus.

And this city is not going to be lacking in coffee shops in which to ply your trade. I think there's like a half dozen within a six block radius of my place! Admittedly I liven the center of the U district, things are a bit sparser out in the burbs.

Yay! I'm sorry to miss you this evening--I feel like I've been pounded flat, and I don't know why. Jet lag, maybe...

I'm sad. I hope you can come to Emerald City Comicon sometime, because otherwise we probably won't hit Seattle at the same time.

If only I were closer. But a three hour drive is just a bit on my budget right now.

I live in Arizona, or I'd be there, stack of books in hand, and fangirling with all my might.

Darn, too bad you aren't just a bit further North! (Bellingham) :P

I actually live close enough to go. Provided I can get down there without being horrendously late, I'll see you there! It would be really cool to meet you.