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Signed Digger 6!

What you’ve been waiting for! Signed copies of Digger 6 go on sale Saturday the 6th, at 6AM and 6PM CST.

You can order them here–there’s a drop down box on the page that allows you to specify signed copies, as long as supplies last.

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Any chance of a compilation coming out at any point in the future? I'd love to get the whole story between two covers if at all possible...

It's a definite maybe. Next year, at the earliest, and there would probably be pre-ordering required, because that's a pretty hefty size to print up.

I'm happy to help with pre-orders! Christmas and birthday presents, here we come!

Compilation: Yes please!

I'm in for at least 2, and probably more like 5. One of me, one for the kid, and the rest as gifts.

If / when some kind of Digger compilation / multipack / thing is offered just know that I will be guaranteed to run at Sofawolf, shrieking and waving my credit card (especially if it's signed).

I am the most dignified.

I would totally buy a compilation if I didn't already have some of the single volumes xD

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