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Baxter and the Bear

I have this hope that someday I will do a full alphabet of something. Ill-fated lemmings seemed like a great idea, a sort of rodentine Gashlycrumb Tinies, but I have learned my lesson from many abandoned projects, and thus my plans are to do A-B-C, and then anything that happens after that is gravy. Also, they will not be too direly alphabetical. That gives me a chance to do something to Xavier (if there was a Xavier) that would not involve either xylophones or yellow-headed blackbirds.

Also, I have PMS, and “poking the bear” seems like an entirely applicable thing at the moment…

Digital, noodling around with texture and my still-not-quite-familiar Painter 11. (Damn you, you have gelded my scratchboard tool!)
Prints are available!

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A was an Author, who went for a walk...

I always liked The Chinese Obelisks better.

B was a Budgie, whom after she'd stalk?

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The way Baxter seems to be licking his lips suggests that he's sizing the bear up for consumption, rather than the other way around. At least, in Baxter's mind.

His little tongue is my favourite bit. I figured it's out because he's concentrating really hard to make sure he does a good job of poking the bear properly.

Do you usually only manage three, or do you usually only manage ABC? I'm wondering what happens if you start at L.

I manage three. Starting at L would give me, like, L, H, and Y or something.

"Poking the bear" is our phrase for bothering me when I haven't had my coffee yet in the morning. I would think PMS would also be applicable, though. Generally the husband is smarter than that.

if you ever do manage an alphabet, I'd totally buy these for Baby Cousins (who, by that point, would be old enough I wouldn't feel I was scaring them ;-)

They are the awesome.

That needs to go up at all the entrances to Yellowstone National Park.

(Deleted comment)
Yellow headed blackbirds sounds good to me. With a lemming. Or some lemmings. Yeah....

The word xtabay jumped out of my subconscious and danced around for a bit. I don't know why; but I did know it was the title to a record I owned as a kid. So I googled it and got this:

Xtabay literally means 'Female Ensnarer' and can refer either to a Mesoamerican demon who seduces and kills or a female deity of the hunt, along with the male Ah Tabay. The Xtabay is not to be confused with Ixtab, a 16th-century Yucatan goddess of suicides.

A legend of Xtabay (the female demon) tells of two women who lived in a village in the Yucatán Peninsula. One was named Xtabay, but people called her Xkeban (which means "prostitute", "bad woman" or "one who practices illicit love"); the other was Utz-Colel (a good, decent woman).

People said Xkeban was sick with lust and gave her favors to every man who asked her. Utz-Colel was virtuous and honest. Xkeban had a good heart and kindly helped the poor, sick and homeless, and also the animals abandoned for being considered useless, by giving up the jewellery and fine clothes she got from her lovers. She was not a haughty woman, nor did she insult other villagers. Xtabay humbly received the humiliations from the people of her village. On the other hand, Utz-Colel was cold, full of pride, harsh of heart and easily disgusted by the poor.
One day, Xtabay was not seen anymore. Days passed and a fine delicate perfume was smelled all over the village. People found it came from the house of Xtabay who had died there, alone.

Utz-Colel argued it wasn't possible, that the perfume couldn't be that of such a vile and corrupt body; nothing but decay and stench could come out of her. She argued that had to be bad spirits or demons still trying to tempt men. "If that is the odour of a dead prostitute, mine shall be incredible when I die", she said.

A few people buried Xtabay, feeling pity for her. The next day, her grave was covered with beautiful flowers of a delicate perfume.

When Utz-Colel died, the entire village attended her funeral; they remembered her virtue and honesty. To the amazement of the crowd, an intolerable stench came out from her grave.

The flowers growing on Xtabay's grave were named Xtabentún.

Huh. So there is a very cool X word even if it isn't an animal, per se.

I am well-familiar with the music of Yma Sumac and her debut album Voice of the Xtabay.

The bear may not have been amused, but I was.

What's wrong with yellow-headed blackbirds?

I think I might have mentioned this bit of autoheadology at the Chicken Worship Session, but in case I didn't...

Lots of people who start to make a Tarot deck start with the Major Arcana, and keep going until they've done all of those - then stop. I didn't want to be one of those people, so I made sure to do a couple of the number cards before I finished the Majors. This way, the back of my head knew that the deck was distinctly Not Done, and that I definitely wanted it to be Done, so I plowed on doing both Majors and Minors until I'd done the whole damn thing. In fact, I didn't finish the Majors until I did the last of the traditional 78 cards.

You might be able to do a similar hack to your brain for an abecedarian series by doing, say, A, B, and Q as your starter pieces. Two in series and one outlier, to make the Unfinishedness Detector in your brain go off every time you look at them.

Of course if you don't have an idea you actually think is worth doing a while 26 pieces for this won't help.

Alfred awakened an alligator...

Baxter bumped a bear...

Carl coaxed a canine to cartwheel (AKA: tripped)...

S' fun project, but I should be working on my own stuff today.

I keep seeing this and wondering where "A" is...

I thought it might be a part of the series with two texting tarsiers...