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Digger for sale!

Remember, (probably) today only–signed copies of Digger 6, at 6AM and 6PM CST, as long as quantities last!

Originally published at Tea with the Squash God. You can comment here or there.

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Got one! Hurray! And picked up 4 & 5 while I was at it...Now I'll have the whole set!

Will you be traveling to San Jose for Further Confusion next year? I suspect signed copies may be available from the author if you are :)

Related to another of your publishing endeavors: I'm not sure exactly where this falls on the success ladder, but the most recent Dragonbreath is currently on sale at the Albertsons where I work. I have been restraining myself from putting a copy into the cart of every customer who walks by.

Do it! Do it! What kind of rabid fan ARE you?

I just got mine, this one completes the set. Sheesh, Sofawolf's shipping prices are high. It better come in a gold lined pouch.

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