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Iguanodon Gardener

9 x 7.5, mixed media

Nearly True Science Fact: Iguanodons were avid gardeners, and fossilized trowels, sunhats, and watering cans are often found among Iguanodon fossil remains.

It’s true. Ask any paleontologist. You’ll have to get them drunk first, of course, before they’ll violate the strict code of secrecy enacted by their dark and sinister order, so the best course of action would be to take a paleontologist to a bar and buy them as many drinks as they would like. Go on. We’ll wait.

Original for sale, prints available–drop a line or visit Red Wombat Studio to order!

Originally published at Tea with the Squash God. You can comment here or there.


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Everyone knows Iguanadons (and in fact most dinosaurs) were shockingly ignorant of the dangers of UV radiation and thus rarely wore sunhats. Still, I suppose it is better to set a good example for the youth of today than to worry about such niceties.

Especially as everything else here is completely true.

Re: Nearly true indeed!

It's such a fetching sunhat, though...

Re: Nearly true indeed!

Wait, were dinosaurs even vulnerable to UV radiation? Do we know anything about their hides?

Oh my goodness I love this one. I would like to see more dinosaur gardeners. Love it!

Flowers make dinos happy!

Did the previous See 'n' Say discussion include what noises the iguanodon makes? Because this one seems to be humming a cheery little tune.

Might one also propose that socially-dominant individuals, the matriarchs of herds perhaps, might undergo a change in keratin color, from the brownish seen here to green?

Now, I think I shall stick to my reflexive appreciative noise here.

Eeeee! ^_^

Wow, as many drinks as they'd like? Have you ever gone drinking with a paleontologist? You could go broke!

Most Paleontologists will also confirm that the Iguandon used its thumb spike to sow starter holes for seeds as well as for smiting thine enemies

This sounds like a decree from the God of Ursula cult to get all the paleontologists within the reach of its members stinking drunk :D.

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