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That’s right–Episode #47: Noodles Float, You Bastards! is available for your listening pleasure!

And in case you missed it, last week we had the triumphant return of KUEC from brief work-related hiatus, with Episode #46: “Cow Blood, Horse Blood, Pig Blood…whatever you have lying around.”


Also available on iTunes!

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Woohoo!! *runs off to listen*

Great Slurping Smurf Noodles, Batman!

RE: Mustard Gas

Actually, it's not Chlorine gas (Cl2). It's sulfur and chlorine compound (C4H8Cl2S). That smells faintly like Mustard/Garlic/Horseradish.

It works by corrupting the DNA strands in cells causing cell death or cancer.

- krin

Edited at 2011-08-15 06:38 pm (UTC)

Oh, and if you also sometimes get that "Chemical" taste from over-cooked cabbage? It's probably the sulpher being liberated.

did you finally eat the lychee?

Ah, IUD. <3 I lurves mine to pieces. If you don't mind me asking, are you going for the Mirena or the Paragard? I've got the Mirena - insertion hurts like hell, don't let anyone tell you different (although the sounding is actually a bit worse), but after that and a few days of cramps it's beautiful and you don't have to remember to take a pill every day which some of us suck at anyway and the Mirena seems to have made my periods disappear about a year and a half in.

Holy run-on sentence, Batman! Uh, yeah, so I really like my IUD. :) There's an entire LJ comm if you want more info:

I'm not actually sure which one I'm getting--the five year, I think, but I've forgotten the name. Not looking forward to the insertion, but my doctor wants me off the pill, and I suppose I can handle a few minutes of misery for that.

Five year is the Mirena - it has some hormones, but not nearly as much as the pill, and is less likely to turn your periods into a river of blood like the copper Paragard apparently can. And as someone who was on the pill, and is now on the Mirena? SO WORTH those few miserable minutes.

For me the insertion was less uncomfortable than the cramps I got every month. And, after insertion, the cramps gradually went away. And about four years after my last period, there was mild discomfort when it was pulled.

This was the most reliable contraception of any I ever tried.

I was all ready to yell at iTunes and then I realized that it had indeed downloaded both of these while I wasn't looking. Yay, more stuff to listen to while I sculpt! (I know better than to try and paint while listening to you guys. A slip of the fingers in the clay is far easier to correct than a slip of the brush when one's hands are shaking with a sudden burst of laughter.)

Hemocyanin is a copper blue hemoglobin equivalent, used by horseshoe crabs among other creatures, so Smurfs could have blue blood.

Could you please point to the "stripper" entry?

There's a kind of chicken that has blue flesh -- the Silkie.

Have you ever considered doing a lamb-themed show?

Also, thank you so much for recommending Patak's korma sauce. It is very tasty.

Hi, I'm one of your seven German listeners! :D

A "Teller" is a plate, used on packaging as a substitute for "serving". :)
Also, it's "Shloompf" as an approximation of the pronunciation, and "Die Schlümpfe" is the plural. It sounds like "Dee Shl[sound between e and o]mpfe". Umlauts are tricksy. ;)

FINALLY getting a chance to listen to the episode... the rice balls kevin is talking about are probably Onigiri. they're very easy to make at home, the only 'cooking' is of the rice. the rest is just stuffing your filling inside and shaping them (and they have molds to make it easier too!)
The pastry you mentioned was probably either daifiku or manju. daifuku is filling wrapped in mochi (pounded cooked glutinous rice). Manju is a steamed filled bun.

hope this helps, or that with the correct names you can find a place that makes what you're looking for :)

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