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Pravda Speaks!

When last we left our intrepid adventurers, art4love.com was down, markyourspot.com was down, (although zombie versions were still be located) nobody was answering phones or e-mail, and much of the internet was hopping mad.

Today, I actually finally got an acknowledgment from Craig Pravda. This guy is A) the name on the paypal account of art4love, and B) shows up on a couple of other shady websites with Chad Love Lieberman, the dude who stole my art, other people’s art, rather foolishly Marvel and DC’s art…etc.

So Craig Pravda has a Google+ account. There is one public post on it. It is about seafood. For lack of any other contact option, I commented there, asking (quite politely, might I add!) about how I could reach Chad Love Lieberman.

Today, I actually got a reply. So far as I’ve heard, this is the first comment any of ‘em have made that I’ve run across.

For those not on Google+, it says the following:

Thank you for alerting us,

We have been notified by Art4Love, the company that licensed us the images that they are removing the content that they have provided us and that they have sold their entire collection.

We apologize for any misrepresentations that Art4love or its executives have made about the ownership of their content. We will continue with the game MARK YOUR SPOT and work directly with any artists that want to form BRUNCH TEAMS in their area in the future.

You may contact Art4love at 877-266-5884 or sales@art4love.com

Thank you
Don’t bother with the e-mail, it bounces instantly. The phone might work, I wouldn’t count on it.

I am most interested in the phrase “sold their entire collection.” As far as lies go (and I suspect this is one) this is so utterly the WRONG thing to say that you almost want to take the idiocy and frame it, like a little jewel.

If people are baying for your blood for selling their art without permission, telling them it’s okay, you’ve sold it all now is not the correct answer. It is the least correct answer. It is having someone run up yelling “OH GOD, I’M ON FIRE!” and saying “Oh! Don’t worry, I have matches!” It is someone thrashing on the floor with their throat closing gasping “…epi…pen….dying…” and attempting to open their airway by forcing peanuts into it. It is magnificently wrong.

Due to epic sleuthing by others, (check comments in some past blog posts) we have found all kinds of nifty heads on this hydra, and I am by no means the only one looking into it.

So this is how it stands. At least they know people want their blood, and have said something. On a post. About octopus salad.

Originally published at Tea with the Squash God. You can comment here or there.

I'm still finding the name "Pravda" to be one of the most ironic parts of this entire tale.

Edited at 2011-08-20 01:14 am (UTC)

I was just going to say that!!

Well, you know, octopus salad. I can understand why that would be important to somebody.

(Then again, I was evacuated out of a hostage situation by SWAT guys with assault rifles on Wednesday, and was mostly worried about it depriving me of the pumpkin burrito I was going to have for lunch. So I may not be the person to define appropriate priorities.)

You have successfully plugged your own journal.

I'd think the phrase 'sold their entire collection' could be construed as acknowledgement that they were infringing on the rights-holder's copyrights for profit. Which is the sort of admission you wouldn't want brought up in a case against you in civil court, I should think.

An IP lawyer would probably make a lot of hay with that response -- you've screen-capped it, right?

It's kind of fun seeing this idiot -- and I doubt it's more than one or two idiots working as a team -- dig himself deeper.

I read it as, "It wasn't really our responsibility to begin with, but we don't have it anymore, so don't bother bugging us about it."

Wait...this guy stole art from Marvel and DC too?

Who are owned by Disney and Time-Warner, respectively?

Woo boy. Hope he has good lawyers. Because *they* certainly do....

As I understand it, not directly, but some of the art he's attempted to sell at a high profit is fan art that was only permissible because the creators weren't profiting from it...

Ooh! Ooh! Somebody should pose as a reporter who wants to write an article about Chad Love's balls and use the interview access to grill him about his thievery.

(Deleted comment)
I read that "may" not in the sense of giving permission, but rather in the sense of likelihood.

"You may contact ... "

Good luck in the continuing fight with this doofus.

In other news:

There is a lavender-like plant by the door at work, and as I left today is was practically swarming with honeybees.

I went "OOH! Yay bees! :D" and immediately knew this connection was because of Ursula.

Russian sage. Wonderful stuff, if you're a bee.

Re: have you seen this gem?

...No, I hadn't.

Y'know, every time I lean back in the chair and go "Welp, that was fun, time to move on," I find something that makes me want to make sure there isn't one stone left standing on top of another in the House of Love.

Edited at 2011-08-20 01:46 am (UTC)

(Deleted comment)
Good gravy, they really are a hydra of balls and fail.

I know at least one person on DA is trying to get together a lawsuit against them - coincidentally the same person who left a comment on the octopus salad post. There's a lot of rightfully angry artists and rightfully angry fans who want to see justice done here.

Following in smurasaki's comment, alexiuss at DA is the one who intends to go the class action lawsuit route. In case that's in any way helpful to anyone. (Just came across it myself.)

The good thing about being a 3-D artist is that it's much harder for someone to steal, I guess.

LOLOL, one of the pictures is a fuckin' /Wyland/. I had that in a calendar as a child. This one:

The whole thing's getting attention at reddit now. Looks like I (posting as VonAether) ran into another friend of yours there too.

Giant-ass blog post compiling information, and giant-ass list of artists stolen from.

(Deleted comment)
This is the part of the movie where you sit back, breathe deeply, and watch the ass-whupping begin...

*makes popcorn*

Brunch Teams?

Will there be ham?

(Deleted comment)
It's you. There had to be a cephalopod in there somewhere eventually.