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And now, a random moment with pollinator…

Who's a handsome boy with big floofy legs?

Originally published at Squash's Garden. You can comment here or there.


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Under normal circumstances, I am terrified of bees.

Your photos, however, make them far more adorable and less "ohmygodsitscomingrightatmekillitwithfire" inducing. Thank you, for that :)

I'm with you on this-- I'll go through doors, walls, people, cars, trees, whatever to get away from them. But the pics are lovely (and safely on a screen where they can't sting me.)

But, but, but, isn't that a girl? Or are the rules out the window for bumblebees (okay, okay, *carpenter* bees...)?

Edited at 2011-08-29 03:44 pm (UTC)

http://www.ces.ncsu.edu/depts/ent/notes/Urban/carpenterbees.htm sez "Males can be distinguished from females by a whitish spot on the front of the face. The males do not have stingers, but they are territorial and will harass other bees and people who venture near their protected areas. Females can sting, but rarely do so unless confined in your hand or are highly agitated."

So... I think they've got more even numbers of both genders than regular bees do.

The picture briefly made me think the bee was shown at actual size.

I generally like bees, but one that big would probably result in undignified high-pitched noises and swift application of something heavy.

I have a size limit to my bugs.

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Nice contrasts. Good composition. :)

Quark flashbacks. Oh, God.

Eastern Carpenter Bee? I see the western ones all the time (I put out homes for them)


Beautiful photo!

Bees (that are not inside my dwelling) are just about my only exception to the "more than 4 legs are too many" rule.

I adore bumblebees. Sometimes I pet them. (At least, I did in Seattle, where most species are pretty docile and the individual bees in my yard appeared to know and approve of me. Here in DC, the bees, like the people, don't get personal.)

Yeah - a friend of mine here in town keeps bees and says they're pretty friendly; she can do yard work close to the hive and they're not bothered by it. They'll fly around and bump into her occasionally but then just go on their way, She hasn't been stung yet.

With bees I tend to give them a respectful distance and I'll get nervy if they buzz too close, but I'm okay with bees. Bees provide an essential service. :) Wasps, though.....


Who's a handsome boy with big floofy legs?

Re: Question? Answer!

I was gonna say, "SHAFT!" but your answer's better.

Hi, I'm Bloodsong and I'm a HUGE Dragonbreath fan

Huzzah for bees. Although I don't know if I inherited my father's allergies.

My son wishes to pass on to you, Ursula, that he ADORES your Dragonbreath series.

Frankly, we both do.

I pre-order every chance I get.

And your podcast is wonderful.

Ok, I'm done fangirling.

Re: Hi, I'm Bloodsong and I'm a HUGE Dragonbreath fan

Aww, thank you! Say hi to your son for me!

Spring is arriving in my little patch of NSW, Australia. Yesterday I saw bees all over the Apricot tree blossoms and my first thought was "Ursula would be pleased".

I then wandered around the garden looking for more insects. Your blog has infected me. I don't have a clue of what sort of bugs I'm supposed to be looking for, or whether they are native or good bugs, I was just looking to see if we had *any* insect life in the garden in the Spring ...

This is what happens when one reads your blog.

If you're in Australia, then look for bugs that will kill you. Everything else on that bloody island is trying to...

Jellyfish! Toads! Snakes! Spiders! Octopus! Platypus!

Platypodes, I'm very disappointed in you. Everything else poisonous has the courtesy to LOOK it, but no, you have to be a cute fuzzy little duck-beaver... with poison that'll leave you crippled in pain for a month.

Lookout! It's coming right for us!

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