UrsulaV (ursulav) wrote,

You Asked For It…

God help us all.

Yes, that’s right…Chibi Nuckalavee, Krasue, and Squash Kachina are now all available on RedBubble!

I’m a little scared, too.

(To forestall inevitable questions—because I was pleased with their quality compared to Cafepress and others and because life is short and I flatly refuse to ever muck about with T-shirt stock ever again, and yes, it is possible that other designs will be added, but no, I am not spending a year uploading my entire artistic catalog because you will find me dead with a .PNG hanging out of my mouth like a semi-transparent tongue.)

Also, these are American Apparel shirts, they run SMALL. Their website says that medium fits most because it’s stretchy. This may be true, but the art does not stretch nearly so gracefully as the shirt, so if there is any doubt, my advice is to go large, lest Nuckalavee appear even more distorted than he already is. I require a large to get over my rack myself. It fits snugly and looks good. I suspect that the medium would make me look like a sausage.

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