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You Asked For It…

God help us all.

Yes, that’s right…Chibi Nuckalavee, Krasue, and Squash Kachina are now all available on RedBubble!

I’m a little scared, too.

(To forestall inevitable questions—because I was pleased with their quality compared to Cafepress and others and because life is short and I flatly refuse to ever muck about with T-shirt stock ever again, and yes, it is possible that other designs will be added, but no, I am not spending a year uploading my entire artistic catalog because you will find me dead with a .PNG hanging out of my mouth like a semi-transparent tongue.)

Also, these are American Apparel shirts, they run SMALL. Their website says that medium fits most because it’s stretchy. This may be true, but the art does not stretch nearly so gracefully as the shirt, so if there is any doubt, my advice is to go large, lest Nuckalavee appear even more distorted than he already is. I require a large to get over my rack myself. It fits snugly and looks good. I suspect that the medium would make me look like a sausage.

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Semi-transparent tongue would be a good name for a band.

If you wear it to a furry convention, some fanboy bronies will think it's Pinkie Pie...

If they're drunk enough...

... a shapely and frighteningly witty sausage, mind you.

Hahaha, that is kind of fantastic.
BTW let me know what you think of redbubble, they have been lurking in the back of my mind as a maybe, as I've had requests for TreeCreatures on shirts. And like you. No. Never stocking T-Shirts again.

Base price is high, so my profit per shirt is fairly low, but compared to "Not having to deal with stock" I'm willing to pay less. And people like t-shirts. I ordered a Nuckalavee shirt awhile ago and it went through the wash with no problems, print quality looks good. I don't yet know how many washings it'll take, but I've heard people be complimentary of their quality. And they're very, very easy to use for the artist, which is nice.

That is pretty darn awesome, squee!

Better quality is worth it.

I have a shirt from Redbubble bought a few years ago and it's still in decent condition. So I can vouch for the quality.

American Apparel runs quite small, at least post-wash. I'm a 38D, and I can just about cram myself into a Women's XL. A Men's L is comfy and fits me about as well as a typical unisex M or CafePress Women's L. You Have Been Warned. :)

Yeah. On shirt.woot they generally advise people to order a size up unless they like them tight. I actually like them because I'm a skinny boi and it's otherwise very hard for me to find shirts that don't hang off me like drapes. ;)

Cool! I'm sure from a vendor perspective T-shirts are a pain, but I LOVE my sea serpent meets sock (I don't remember your real title) t-shirt and wear it all the time

Yes, I too expect that The Lurking Sockpuppet would be a popular t-shirt choice.

Also, if there's a legitimate source of shirts featuring ursulav's work, the market for rip-offs will be much smaller. Please update redwombatstudio to mention this!

Semi-transparent tongue is the name of my Rolling Stones cover band.

Not only does American Apparel run small, the shirts run very, very short. So if you have a long torso, or are a tallish person, you might want to order up two sizes.

I plan on wearing mine in the booth, at cons, with the new Utilikilt.

EEEEEEEE! SQUASH KACHINA SHIRT! How can I, as a sun-parched victim dweller in the Great Southwest, resist?

Yes, the t-shirts run quite small.
I got a 3XL from Red Bubble and it's darn cozy.
I can only wear it properly if I tuck it in my pants and wear an open shirt on top.
And given how warm it is around here most of the time, that don't happen often.
So yeah, I won't buy from Red Bubble until they go to 4XL or 5XL.

Or I somehow misplace 100 pounds. :D

I have this very same problem. I will also have to misplace about 10 pounds directly from my chest.