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Not dead…

I have nothing much useful to say. I’m just plugging away on Fairybreath art (Halfway! Woohoo!) and laying down a few thousand words a week on Bread Wizard. Everything is on schedule, nothing bad is happening, I am reading books and playing Civ5 and working on digging out the patio in the backyard, and while that is all wonderful to live through, it makes for fairly boring blogging. I assure you, however, that as soon as something improbable or appalling happens, or Vulture-Bob returns, I’ll let you know! (I’m going to the beach for a few days, so possibly there will be hijinks. You never know.)

Meanwhile, have some KUEC!

Also available on iTunes!

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What, no photos of the hole-in-progress which will become a patio?


Any of Vulture-Bob's home improvement projects should be on his lj. ;)

In explanation to my comment above.

Because, with Ursula Queen, good, isn't good enough.

Yay for productive-but-not-terribly-exciting times! The improbable and appalling get more attention, but you need a break now and then. ;>

Dunno if this is the beach in question, but I was at Nags Head and Roanoke Island this weekend, and the water was clearer than I've seen it in 20 years of going to the OBX. Absolutely magnificent.


Dull and ordinary lives

The rest of us have occasional moments of weird. Ursula has occasional moments of normal. The universe is thus kept in balance.

If you go to the beach, there will be beach birds to watch! Possibly even beach vultures!

*picturing vulture stretched out on beach towel, enjoying trashy paperback*


(Deleted comment)
Oh no--Penguin bought it! It'll definitely happen! It just won't be released until the Dragonbreath series wraps, so the release got pushed back a year when they picked up 8, 9, & 10.

The ms isn't due until May, so I'm plugging away at it slowly but surely...

I am reading books and playing Civ5 and working on digging out the patio in the backyard, and while that is all wonderful to live through, it makes for fairly boring blogging.

That depends on how you spin it.

Civ5 for example lets you make quick posts along the lines of "Nuked Dallas. Currently building up forces to invade Mexico."

And Civ5 and Civ4 both give you opportunity to post "Just got pwned by Ghandi. Guy is such an asshole." Which just never makes sense in any other context. :P

While I honestly love your writing, I miss the lovely pictures too. :(

*laugh* The problem is that doing the art for a Dragonbreath book takes over all my art-brain for the three months that I do it. You'll probably see an art explosion somewhere around the end of October, though...

Haha, now I sound like a double jerk, but I meant pictures as in photography. Bees, birds, bugs. You always take great ones.


Well, I'll see if I can't post more. Some of them are getting used on my garden blogging over at:


so I tend to save some of the good ones there...*grin*

Y'know... your blog was much more constant when your life was turbulent and going through awful phases. I've noticed of late that the posts are more sporadic, and it seems that things are happy and relaxed. This is good; you need some happy time.

-jedi jaz



Vulture Bob is waiting for you to drag the corpse to bury in the grave your are digging!

How is Civ5? Is it worth purchasing?

Don't know if it's improbable, it may be appalling, but please enjoy your can o' haggis (it's likely still lurking in the mail system for a day or two).

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