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(no subject)


My latest outbreak of Slime Fever, and the bumper sticker that I would have if I were a snail.

I'm probably gonna auction this one off here shortly--need the money, as I've said, and all my planned Cons are months off. It's 11 x 14, layered media like a lunatic...watercolor, colored pencil, gouache, fluid acrylic, acrylic ink, and I think there's at least one undercoat done in Earl Grey tea because I dipped my brush in the wrong cup.

This was a fun one. Every now and then I'd stop and go "Man, I'm spending like ten hours on what is basically a one-line gag," but I'm comfortable with that.

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Slimey Earl Grey goodness, yay :)

Wonderful image as always Ursula, I think this one will sell might quick!

PS: Try Stash's Double Earl Grey tea if you can, it's wonderful stuff!

Stash is always the best.
Double Earl Grey is really heavy on the bergamont so if you don't like the citrus-y taste, avoid it.

Stash teas are indeed very good, and they are also barkin' expensive compared to other teas, but what can I say, I'm an addict...

Agreed, the double bergamond blend is potent stuff, which is likely the whole reason I love it so much. I'm in the habit of dropping in a good spash of milk and sipping my way to nirvana from there :)


It's the Stash wild raspberry that is the stuff of gods.

Oh? I'll have to add that to my shopping list then, thank you!


The best snail EVER!

I can not express how much I love this.

Yay for Darwin!

OoooOOoo oooo! You should paint some tripply tropical sea slugs!

Man, it's always the little things that take all the effort. ^.^;

Ahh! That's so awesome! If I had the money I would buy that faster than my cat snorts catnip.

You're *dangerous*.

I want a Darwin Snail for my car now, damnit.

Bumper sticker... that reminds me...

God is too big to fit into one religion.

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