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Madonna with Parsnip and Goldfinches

The title came to me in the middle of the night. My Catholic upbringing got me most of the way through it, and sheer bloody-mindedness got me the rest of the way, because on a 12 x 24, there is a whole lot of colored pencil work getting the robe textures to pop.

12 x 24, mixed media

Prints are available! Original is also for sale—send a note for price and availability and all that good stuff.

This is the first painting I’ve done for myself in ages…in the middle of the Dragonbreath art death march for book 7, and I’ve had no motivation of any kind to work on art outside of it. I’ll be glad when I’m done and the spark comes back…

Originally published at Tea with the Squash God. You can comment here or there.


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your textures are always amazing.

Thank you for not confusing the Parsnip and the Rutabaga, two vegetables which many people seem to find interchangeable, but really aren't.

Rutabagas are rounder! And purpler! I am quite fond of their appearance!

that's odd. i've found more people confusing rutabagas and turnips.
poor misunderstood rutabaga? O.o

I like this. I miss your regular art.

I like her face. That's a very determined woman, but there's a hint of softness to the mouth to let you know there's mercy along with justice.

"You will eat this parsnip and like it, young man. And if you're good, I'll let you play with the birds after dinner."

Assuming she trusts those birds, which the corner of her mouth says may not be the case... but then, just how much trouble can the Son of God get into?


Mayhaps it is my personal proximate insanity field, or the local "MY HABENERO SUNFLOWER SEED" wildlife, but the goldfinches illustrated seem to have been abnormally placid, or preternaturally tranquilized.

But that's just a detail; most artists recognize the extent art is triumphant over life.

"No, I am not going to start singing. This is not a Disney production. I don't care how much you peep."

". . . Ok, that's pretty good harmony, but still not singing."

"don't you DARE poop on my robe. don't you even dare!"

Yeah, there's a definite air of; "I'm watching you three.." to that look...
gorgeous artwork though!

The Goldfinches are asking: You gonna SHARE that parsnip????

Madonna is dubious of those goldfinches' motives.

I very much like the expression on her face, which says clearly "I don't care if you're the Son of God, you are eating this parsnip young man."

Um, if the original is 12" by 24", why are the prints 8.5" by 11" and 13" by 19"? They seem like odd changes for Mr. Printy and his family to render from the original size.

Edited at 2011-09-24 04:25 pm (UTC)

We notice that the Goldfinches are American Goldfinches. European Goldfinches have much less yellow and a more complicated pattern with white and red.

Just sayin'.

But I bet they don't poop on the Madonna.

The parsnip, on another paw, is a Eurasian native.

Incidentally, we _love_ this picture.

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