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I am getting annoyed at Wachovia sending me constant e-mails screaming “IMPORTANT ACCOUNT INFORMATION!” which makes me think “Crap! Overdrawn!” or “Oh god, I’ve been hacked!” or something, when it is Yet Another Notice that Wells-Fargo bought them and all our accounts will switch over next month. Yes. I know. I heard you the first ten times.

On the other hand, this is tempered somewhat by the fact that I know full well, come switchover, they will get approximately eighty bizillion people screaming “What’s going on!? Why wasn’t I informed?! WHAT’S HAPPENING?” who will swear that they never got any notes, have no idea what’s happening, and this is the first anyone has mentioned to them. For this the poor people at customer service have all my sympathy. (Except for the one dick at the phone bank who I really hope gotten written up after my complaints—I have had piss-poor customer service in my life, but he took the cake.)


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Time to switch to a credit union, maybe?

It usually is.

(I've never quite understood why people stay with banks when CUs are available).

I am getting ads in Words with Friends that they have switched over in my state. Have been for over two months.

I appreciate the creative communication approach, but I have never had a Wachovia account and DO NOT CARE.

Run, run while you can. WF totally sucks! They ate my bank twice (two different banks), fees for breathing and completely messing up my account. Credit unions are MUCH nicer.

I had Wachovia too. Thanks for the head's up, I'm trying to switch to a CU now, since no other bank will give me free checking despite my being a student so I'm stuck being grandfathered in with WF. Like hell am I gonna pay to let someone hold onto my money! Bah.

Totally OT, but I saw this: Ghostly Figures and thought it might be something you'd enjoy having in your garden.


Oof. Chase's takeover of my beloved, departed Washington Mutual involved slightly less of a communications blitzkrieg, at least.

There, I said something nice about Chase. I never expected this day to come.

Somehow I find myself curious about the cake taking incident.

The cake is ... Oh nevermind. That jokes gone stale.

I actually haven't minded the switchover. My main concern was my savings account and if the move to Wells Fargo would change out it worked (I have the Way2Save thing) and it turns out they're keeping that so whew, heh

You'll also love the fact that there will be no free checking with Wells Fargo as of November, without ridiculous strings attached... >_>

Are the contents of the emails similar enough that you could have a filter deposit them in the appropriate folder for you automatically?

Why you should look into credit unions. Cheaper and better service.

I used to work for Wells Fargo.

Get the hell out while the getting is good. They're the second biggest assholes in banking. (#1 being BofA.)


The left hand does not know what the right is doing at Bank of America.

I have savings and checking accounts there, and two credit cards. I moved, and notified BofA by mail and by telephone, but they didn't update their records until I had notified them again in person, once again giving them my new address and contact information.

Then, despite the fact that all of my credit card bills were now coming to my new address, I discovered that their offshore user-support call center was still using my old information. They had put a stop on a card because they were unable to reach me, and two charges had been made from "the wrong address." These people couldn't pour water out of a boot with the instructions printed on the heel.

I've opened an account at a credit union.

Same here (Anonymous) Expand
My bank got bought out and did the same the thing with the switchover. Sure enough, I would have customers coming in trying to use their old debit cards and freak out when they would get declined and yell that they had never been told. It's hard to even pretend to sympathize when you know perfectly well that they only reason they didn't know was that they were not paying attention to their mail or their email- it was coming both ways.

Then PNC managed to single-handedly make it so that I will never use a bank instead of a credit union again.

Anybody who is eligible should use USAA -- rock bottom credit-card rates, ATM fees refunded, realistic interest rates on CDs, and the absolute BEST customer service people in the world.

Plus, I can deposit checks by taking a picture of them with my phone.

I use USAA for all my insurance needs and TFCU (Tinker Federal Credit Union) for my banking needs.

It's wonderful.

I use Ing Direct for most of my stuff.
Their service is outstanding.
But as important, the last time I overdrew my account, they fined me 0.07, as a loan of that money for that time. And I got 6 cents as interest. Though I was bitterly outraged at being unfairly fined, I did not even call them to complain.
I use a local bank for bricks and mortar stuff like sending checks to a account, as Ing is mostly (except in Seattle) an on-line bank.
It is getting better, I now have a check book.

I don't know anything about banks, I've only been with one credit union, and I've been with them since I first opened a savings account at 15. What I do know is that my parent's mortgage was bought out by Wells Fargo, and they had nothing but grief until they managed to refinance through someone else.

I thought about getting a bank account for going overseas, but found out that I'd still be charged transaction and transfer fees and stuff for about the same amount, so decided to stick with my little credit union. I'm very happy and comfortable with it, and I know everyone there because we have elections every three years or so.