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A Good Day

It is a good day. It is the sort of day that has restored my faith in humanity. People have been nice to me. I hit the two-third mark on Fairybreath illustrations, right on time. I finally got past the middle of Bread Wizard, and am now able to write the huge screaming Hollywood end, which will involve lots of fire and armies of dead horses and cookie-dough war-golems and all that sort of goodness. I bought a T-shirt with a paisley velociraptor on it. My contract is FINALLY ironed out, and will hopefully be here tomorrow for a signature, accompanied by a royalty check of semi-heroic proportions. (A WOMAN CAN DREAM, DAMNIT!)

There is no improving on such days.

Probably someone will cut me off in traffic tomorrow and all this goodness will be for naught, but it’s nice while it lasts.

In yard news, the vulture (Kevin insists on Ichabod, I insist on Vulture-Bob, we have compromised on Icha-Bob) came back yesterday. A gray fox went by the fence, completely unnoticed by a pooping Border Collie, but spotted by Kevin, and I wrote another column over at Native Plants & Wildlife Gardening.

I feel good. And I and a hard cider are about to go play Alice: Madness Returns and that is also good.

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Only you could write "cookie-dough war-golems" with a straight face. -_-

... but Ichabod was a crane...

Where did you get the paisley velociraptor shirt? That sounds like something my daughter would wear.

My head-voice keeps adding the crane part at the end too......at least its not just me

My head-voice is trying to tell me that the headless horseman was a centaur. I think I need more sleep.

That sounds like you've contributed to making the world a better place. Feel virtuous.

I love the name Icha-Bob!

I had a pair of geckos once. Clearly they had to have paired names, like Ben and Jerry. But I couldn't find the very pair. It turned out that I only ever saw one of them; the other one was always hiding. [Part of this is because they were up highish and I'm short. My stepson could find the hidden one.]

Anyway, I named them Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hide.

Edited at 2011-09-30 12:31 am (UTC)

I'm guessing this means the butter squid doesn't fart true at least. Glad to hear it. And we really weren't trying to kill you with the box contents. Really.

I'd love to have a vulture hanging around my apartment complex, we just having warnings of bears in the area.

Kevin confessed to freakish cravings for the butter squid in the night.

That's not too hard to believe, as it seemed to have been made in the fashion of something horrible for you, because it is full of things that make it delicious. I'm glad I left it for someone else to try (unlike the duck flavored ramen, where the strangeness of my experience with it was the reason for its inclusion in the box), as fishy smells don't agree with me.

Now, the canned haggis I have tried (the lamb variety), but I won't say anything about that until hearing your experience. And I still have the sirloin beef variety waiting to be tried. I will say that the canned rutabagas (purchased because they were listed as a traditional accompaniment and were ~$1 a can, and the haggis left me a few dollars short of free shipping) weren't very good. To my knowledge, I've never had rutabagas before, so I can't say if it was just natural flavor or something to do with the canning. But if you follow the "neeps & tatties" serving suggestion on the can, getting different rutabagas might improve the experience.

did I miss a good story here? This is first time I think I've seen a reference to butter squid...

A gray fox went by the fence, completely unnoticed by a pooping Border Collie, but spotted by Kevin

Kevin: more observant than a pooping Border Collie.

BC(P): For the Pack

Normally a shepherd would have more than one border collie, because hey, poop happens. In this case Kevin was simply picking up the slack, carrying out his duties as Alpha border collie.

Can you please post a teaser/snippet from Bread Wizard? Just a paragraph or two?

I think she DID at one point, though it involved Knackering Molly rather than bread.

The chrysanthemum might also discourage the root-eating nematodes, right?

well you know when border collies are pooping, it shuts down everything else but that pooping part of their brain.

i like icha-bob. excellent choice for a vulture.

basil oil recipe?

the ones i'm finding on the net are kinda finicky. i can do finicky, but if there's a slapdash this-isn't-rocket-surgery way to do it, that's my preference.

Re: basil oil recipe?

Dirt simple. Strip leaves off basil plant, wash, pat dry, stuff into mason jar as tightly as possible. Fill with cheap olive oil to shoulder of jar, top off with white vinegar. Sit on windowsill for a coupla months until it tastes basilly. Dump through strainer to remove leaves, grime, pickled insects that survived rpwashing, etc. Lasts forever, delicious.

Would I be correct in assuming that you could do just about any herbal oil like that, roughly? Wash herb, dry herb, stuff into mason jar, etc.?

Re: basil oil recipe?

I have no idea whatsoever, honestly--it seems logical that it would work, but basil's the one I've got experience with.

...I must experiment. But with what? *beth ponders her lack of herbs; there are a few apples left, though, that the deer didn't get yet...*

Is Alice: Madness Returns any good? The reviews I saw weren't encouraging.

I'm enjoying it. It's not as polished as I'd like--it could stand another month in development. There are occasional bits where the camera is a worse enemy than the monsters, and one or two genuinely shoddy chunks of level design. But overall, it's very pretty and they improved combat substantially from the first game. I'd still recommend it, though, and it's held me a lot longer than Red Dead Redemption or Dead Space, which had much more fawning reviews.

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