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Fog Spirit

Really, I just was in the mood to paint tree bark.

12 x 24, mixed media on gessoboard

And I still feel an urge to paint tree bark. Hmm…

Original for sale. Prints available, as always!

Originally published at Tea with the Squash God. You can comment here or there.


Is that a ghost cat or a ghost llama? Because I have the dumb today and am seeing things that aren't necessarily there.

*laugh* I was going for vague thing between fox and cat, but llama works too!

WHY do I get paid only once per semester and I don't regret buying and stocking a 55gal fishtank this week but augh.

Print's going on the wishlist, as I can't float the original. This is intensely appealing.

One of those serendipity times since I was watching the Secret of the Kells today with Caroline.

Very lovely

Not pictured: The fog's little cat feet!

ohgod where is the like button

Haunting. I had to make this my desktop background, and I'm definitely grabbing a print as soon as I get my next paycheck!

I'll be watching for these spirits while I'm walking out in the morning moist.

And eventually she was reduced to gigantic paintings of mulch...

this is really pretty and gives off a serene and soothing air

For a second I thought I read that you'd painted the bark of an actual tree. LOL


Wouldn't put it past her. Betcha there's a dead tree on the property that needs to be a rather striking shade of purple.


Now I want a purple tree. :(

Love this piece! Especially the textures and fantastic atmosphere.

I see faces and figures in the bark. I like it.

Did anyone else see that tree and immediately flash back to the spider in "Limbo?"

*cold chills*

Beautiful and moody. I love the tree texture -- well, and the background texture and colours. I want a closer look.

And it makes me think I've been too long away from doing visual art...

BTW, I almost forcibly introduced mom to Digger, which she finished and pretty much loved.

It's the spiritual energy of all your Deviant Art llamas rising up from the depths of your subconsciousness -- a manifestation of guilt derived from feelings of inadequacy in relation to your online popularity.

But fear not, you're worth every pageview -- this painting is fantastic!

Wow, love the mood on this one, haunting, cold, mischievous. It seems like it would also make a good book cover with that strong middle element and the feeling of a deeper story. Love the textures too.