UrsulaV (ursulav) wrote,

World Traveler Training Wheels

O Internets! We need your advice!

So Kevin and I have this goal in life. We want to travel! We want to not be insular Americans! We want to have our minds broadened in terrifying new ways!

We have never done this before. (Ok, I was a world traveler before I was three, but my only memory of the whole escapade is a few fragments from what was apparently Barcelona.) I have been to Canada and Tijuana. Kevin has been to Tijuana, at the age of fifteen. He reports this as an eye-opening experience.

Next year, we want to get our feet wet. We were thinking of doing something in the British Isles for a week, since, y’know, baby steps, no new language required, but that’s just an initial thought.

Does anybody have any advice? Not necessarily specific places to go, (although if there’s a place you can recommend for World Traveler Training Wheels, I’d love to hear it!) but…err…do we use a travel agent? Do we book it all on Travelocity, show up, and hope not to die? Good resources for suggestions on where to go? We’re more interested in wandering around and eating (we do love the eating) than in getting on tour buses, but we’d also hate to miss the amazing landmarks, and we find so much delightful in even American cities that we could probably kill a week just about anywhere…

Advice greatly appreciated!

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