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I’m tired and the porch has sprung a leak that appears to be connected to the master bathroom shower and we don’t know any local handymen and I have one week to finish all the art for Fairybreath and they would probably like the cover done too. And the beagle got the wrong food from the vet and is having an itch-tastic morning and one of the cats had a lengthy hork-fest in the small hours of the night that rendered sleep problematic as there is nothing like a “URRRKA-URRRKA-URK-URK-URK-URK-hwaaaaagghgh!” repeated at two minute intervals to bring one to the cold light of consciousness.

And I am grumpy. I realize that into every life a little rain must fall, but generally one prefers rain from the sky and not grey water from the porch. Sigh.

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Try Servicemagic.com -- you put in the details of what you need done and they have at least three service pros call you to give you estimates. That's how I found my contractor and my plumber.

Seconding this recommendation -- I found a contractor to redo my bathrooms on ServiceMagic, and my brother did the same.


-- A <3

awwwww, no fair. Never mind, tonight will be better.

*Looks askance at my own bathroom, needing work soon.*

The name of the plumber recomended to me: Tom Dooly.

If he sees the state of the bathroom and hangs down his head and cries, just run. No good will come of it.

If I were nearby, I'd drop by by fresh-baked Black & White cookies and a hug. Sounds like one of those days. Er, nights. Either way, *hug*


At least it's the porch and not directly over your bedroom/kitchen?

Oh, yes. It could be much worse. (And when the plumber gets here, we may yet find out it is, but at least it doesn't look like it's raining INSIDE.)

My husband's subconcious once incorporated the sounds of the cat horking up in the hallway into his dream, which then gave him a center fielder (in Yankee stadium, natch) with the name of "Kevin Gwuk-gwuk-gwuk-gwaaAAgh!!"

OMG laughed so hard I nearly wet myself :D :D :D Classic!

Huh, my cat did the same thing, starting about 2 AM and still going strong now at 11. I've started following her around with a towel saying, "Will you just spit it out already so I can clean it?!"

Do you give your kitties anything to help them cough it up? My mom swears by cat-lax, but I just give Allie a teensy bit of butter once a week.

A previous cat actually liked plain petroleum jelly enough that she'd eat it without any prompting. Unfortunately this also meant that if you had to take the jar out of the cupboard for any reason she thought she was getting a treat.

-hugs- wish I could help. the only thing I could offer would be a couple of tickets to a haunted house so...yeah, not much with the helping, unless you needed a diversion, lol.

Your beagle has food allergies? Which food is he on (I'm assuming it's one of the Science Diet foods?...a/d, x/d, z/d?) I may be able to recommend a food that you can get not from the vet's office, if you need a quick fix, depending on what he's on.

(You can also email me at funfunfuninabucket@yahoo.com)

He's on some absurdly expensive vet thing--HA, not one of the Science Diets. It's super hypoallergenic, and doesn't have chicken or corn, which are his two triggers.

We call it "Unicorn Chow."

Fall leaves plugging up your gutter downspouts could be causing pooling somewhere along your eaves. Often when this happens the water level is at a point where it starts trickling into a place it's not supposed to go. I'd climb up a ladder with some sewer gloves and start scooping. Lots of fun!


Have a happy thought.

Also here's hoping for a much better tomorrow. Halloween is coming you know.

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