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I’m tired and the porch has sprung a leak that appears to be connected to the master bathroom shower and we don’t know any local handymen and I have one week to finish all the art for Fairybreath and they would probably like the cover done too. And the beagle got the wrong food from the vet and is having an itch-tastic morning and one of the cats had a lengthy hork-fest in the small hours of the night that rendered sleep problematic as there is nothing like a “URRRKA-URRRKA-URK-URK-URK-URK-hwaaaaagghgh!” repeated at two minute intervals to bring one to the cold light of consciousness.

And I am grumpy. I realize that into every life a little rain must fall, but generally one prefers rain from the sky and not grey water from the porch. Sigh.

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My husband's subconcious once incorporated the sounds of the cat horking up in the hallway into his dream, which then gave him a center fielder (in Yankee stadium, natch) with the name of "Kevin Gwuk-gwuk-gwuk-gwaaAAgh!!"

OMG laughed so hard I nearly wet myself :D :D :D Classic!

He woke up and was telling me about this weird dream he had and I said "Oh yeah, the cat just threw up in the hallway."

On a positive note ferret horking generally is quiet enough that it doesn't disturb my sleep. The negative note is that with how small they are they don't have much reserves so it usually heralds a multi-hundred dollar vet trip.

Hehehe. Oh, that's brilliant. Don't know if it helped Ursula's day, but thanks for brightening mine. (I feel sorry for his imaginary fielder) :D

Oh, man. My cat at home is 16 years old and does an awful lot of that, to the point where my mom has a towel handy by her bedside and has trained herself to spring up out of a sound sleep to locate the horking cat and put the towel under her.

That dream center fielder made my evening.

I've read about a virus that cats can get that causes them to vomit all the time, and I think in retrospect that Koshka must have had that virus because she threw up ALL the time. Multiple times a day.

Our living room rug is oleofin in gold with a scrolly floraly design in muted colors because 1) it had to be easily cleaned due to cat vomit, and 2) it had to be of a color to hide the stains from the cat vomit. Try explaining THAT to the carpet salesperson... ;-)

I just tried to read this to my husband and could barely manage it because I started laughing so hard just trying to reread it. Thanks for the terrific laugh!

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