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I’m tired and the porch has sprung a leak that appears to be connected to the master bathroom shower and we don’t know any local handymen and I have one week to finish all the art for Fairybreath and they would probably like the cover done too. And the beagle got the wrong food from the vet and is having an itch-tastic morning and one of the cats had a lengthy hork-fest in the small hours of the night that rendered sleep problematic as there is nothing like a “URRRKA-URRRKA-URK-URK-URK-URK-hwaaaaagghgh!” repeated at two minute intervals to bring one to the cold light of consciousness.

And I am grumpy. I realize that into every life a little rain must fall, but generally one prefers rain from the sky and not grey water from the porch. Sigh.

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Your beagle has food allergies? Which food is he on (I'm assuming it's one of the Science Diet foods?...a/d, x/d, z/d?) I may be able to recommend a food that you can get not from the vet's office, if you need a quick fix, depending on what he's on.

(You can also email me at funfunfuninabucket@yahoo.com)

He's on some absurdly expensive vet thing--HA, not one of the Science Diets. It's super hypoallergenic, and doesn't have chicken or corn, which are his two triggers.

We call it "Unicorn Chow."

There are some commercially (non-prescription) available dog foods that don't have chicken or corn products, although they're often a bit on the pricy side. Natural Balance makes a "Limited Ingredient Diet" for dogs with allergies, and there are a few other brands who also offer formulas with different ingredients for dogs with allergies (lamb and rice, venison and sweet potato, duck and pea, etc). However, if you've found something that works, I totally understand wanting to just stick with it.

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