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NaNoFiMo Redux

Well, squids and squidlets, it’s nearly November, and that means another Nanowrimo is upon us.

As y’all may recall from past years, I am a fan of Nanowrimo. There are plenty of people who will tell you that what it produces is a bunch of terrible dreadful awful manuscripts hacked together by non-writers who think that because they can type with two fingers, they can produce the Great American Novel, to which I say “Yeah, and how is that different from the OTHER eleven months of the year?”

Bad writing is with us always, we will not escape it in our lifetimes, we must learn not to fear it. Yes, much of Nanowrimo output is crap, but so is much of everything else, and some very good books are writ that might otherwise languish in somebody’s brain forever. So that’s a good thing.

I, however, am too damn busy to start another novel come November, particularly when I have some lovely manuscripts languishing on back burners (The thing with the moths…the evil Little House of the Prairie thing…the thing with the goblins…that Snow White thing…) and when I have books that people have already bought and paid for that they would probably like delivered by deadlines. So once again, this year I am doing NaNoFiMo…National Novel Finishing Month.

My two projects to finish are the Bread Wizard (which is close! So close! I can smell how close it is!) and the script for Dragonbreath 8, working title Dreambreath. If I can get those done, I’ll try to knock down some words on one of the other projects, but those are my two goals for the month. Since art for Fairybreath should be done next week, I will hopefully have at least a month clear for some serious writing. (And who knows, maybe even a little art…)

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Go Ursula! Much respect for your FiMo - I'm kind of doing the same thing this year - I've got two comics that I'm planning to finish up the scripts for. I know it's sort of against the "official" rules to work on projects that have already been started, but whatever! NaNoWriMo is a great excuse to get gung-ho about it!

But what about . . .

The story with the warrior in the insane assylum. The one with two personalities who starts to remember who she really is and escapes to meet that very interesting apothecary? I'd give my left pinky finger to finish that one. That and the one with the tattoo that eats you if you don't keep to your contract. Those would be absolutely wonderful books. (/fawning)

Do you miss art?

I don't mean that in a fascicious way either, a lot of us have been reading (and looking) here for a long time, we remember crazy glitter lady from the framing shop, we remember those times that gearworld just took over your hands, we remember the first outings of the pink lizzards and the phallic rocks, we remember the biting pear of salamancar before 4chan got its hands on it. Before the book deals - the books which we all buy and devour, but do you miss the art? Sometimes you seem so burned out by the writing?

Sometimes I do. But honestly, I'd gotten a little burnt out my art, too--I've done so many paintings by this point and I find myself having a hard time holding my own interest. "Ho hum, another quirky and whimsical thing involving vegetables..." These days a painting has to really grab me by the throat and throw me down to get finished. (Which still does happen, lord knows...witness the madness last year with the weird masked figures who didn't quite know what they wanted to be...)

And I still go through painting jags, often at the end of a book. But more often these days, I get this kind of weird frustrated art thing where if I could just find some examples of the style I'm looking for, everything would click together in my head and I'd be able to see the painting that I want to do, but I don't, so it doesn't really happen, and I get internally frustrated.

So, y'know. I'm not done with art--I'll probably never be done with art, art is a chronic disease of the blood--but I find I have more to say in writing these days than I do with paint. (But ask me again in a year or two, and it may flip...)

I admit whenever you bring up NaNoFiMo I keep hoping for an end to the barbarian gynecologist story. Other stuff is good too, but I want more of that one like burning.

For my part I might continue my attempted NaNo project from a couple years ago involving the possession of geese. You've inspired me, I admit.

*laugh* You and me both, but that's one of the VERY few stories I've ever done where I realized I had hold of something too big for me to write. The direction the plot was going was a direction I simply don't know how to DO.

That's one I'm leaving in the closet for a decade hence and I'll see if I'm a big enough writer then to handle it.

It's worth waiting for. :D