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The Grim March of the Vegetable

Today I ordered seeds. It’s a sort of masochistic experience, because I am very bad at vegetables, but I do it anyway.

This year’s experiments are Malabar climbing spinach (it tastes like spinach, it likes wicked heat and humidity, it functions as a salad green in midsummer) daikon radishes, Bull’s Blood beets, and a miniature bell-pepper. I am also going to try a short-day onion, direct seeded into the ground this fall, if the seeds actually arrive in time. (We’ll see how that goes…) Parisian heirloom pickling cucumbers and Wando garden peas will also get another run at the garden.

May the gardening gods have mercy on us all…

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Woo! Growing things! Yay!

Ooh! First on an Ursula post? Say it ain't so!

Where do you order your seeds from?


I assume she gets them from some disreputable place on the seedy side of town.

I've never felt so suddenly squee-ful after my recently planted containers of seeds sprouted. This is after a two-month failed experiment with coffee seeds. So good luck, it's super fun!

Cool! Good luck with them all! I am unfortunately stuck with not-growing-veggies for a bit while we try to prep our house to sell. (: I look forward to hearing how they turn out.

No potatoes?

No squash?

Where do you buy from? Now that I have a YARD, I am gonna veg this spring!

For this climate, let me say a word for eggplant and okra, if you like either. Heat, humidity--bring it on! Plus pretty.

(Deleted comment)
I used fish fertilizer for a while, but it attracted ravenous raccoons who tore up the garden searching for delicious fish bodies.

(Deleted comment)
Yes! Not enough people eat beets these days, which is a frickin' shame.

Hmm... I have a good recipie for Borscht at home, I may have to share it. It's listed in my mother's cookbook as 'Bishop's Borscht' or 'Borscht For Thirty', as it was gifted to us by the bishop of a Russian Orthodox church (Long story. Short version is that my dad sang choir despite being neither Russian nor Orthodox).

It is a glorious recipie, containing such lines as 'simmer the ox tails for three days'... Mmmm....

Heck, even just a basic borscht recipie is a good thing. Little dab of sour cream and all is bright pink wonderfulness...

From personal experience, bell peppers seem to be very tolerant of... everything. They're the one veggie I didn't have an interest in eating - I grew them for my parents who love to make stuffed peppers - but they grew bigger and better than anything else in my garden.

Peppers of all sorts are incredibly tolerant. In fact, the spicy sorts seem to *thrive* on abuse.
"Fine. Don't water me. See if I care. See this pepper here? I'm gonna make it hot enough to raise blisters. We'll see who's laughing."

My mother lives in North Carolina as well, and she's had amazing success with jalapenos, if you like spicy. :)

... not to add another project, but...

Have you considered saving seeds? It saves you money, and the theory goes that it can, over time, help increase biodiversity as your plants acclimate to your locale.

Next good day I may recruit my friend Marisa and we will decimate the irrigated roughage in the side yard between the driveway and the neighbor's fence, sufficient to lay mulch, groundcloth and etc. Irrigated, you ask?
the neighbor to the south spent $$$$$$ landscaping their yard trying to sell it--in a better place and time it would be a 1M+ house, it's a lovingly restored 1900s mansion complete with a porte cochere.

I didn't realize about the fact my weed strip was getting watered until I was up AND the windows were open in the bathroom at the same time. The water line sounds like it's about a foot south of the fence, which is about 18 inches from my 'weed' strip. Another clue, the city-planted maple on the street held green leaves mush longer into our dry fall than the other trees on the street. it JUST turned red and stared losing leaves in the past couple of weeks.

It seems I can never ever succeed with beets...

Miniature Bell peppers and chilis grows nice indoors.
Tried a miniature variety of Squash called 'Midnight', which also grew indoors. Unfortunately, I only ever got a few blooms, and all of the same sex. (Will try again later, with better planned nutrition in my WindowFarm)
I planted lots and lots of onions in floweboxes out on the verandah this year, and I still have a few left to eat. Yayy!
(Next year I'll try to get hold of red onions)
My fava beans... Took the lack of watering while I was away on vacation as an insult, and never really delievered...
(Still better than my pickling cucumbers that just up and died)

Think I'm gonna try the Three Sisters out here this year; corn, squash and beans ought to do well even in our desert sun so long as I water them enough and start them out in good soil (i.e., NOT the local sand/rock mix.) Anasazi beans ftw!

I love the variations you can do with the three sisters. Besides all the corn varieties, you can use sunflowers or anything reasonably sturdy. Pumpkins instead of squash, any climbing thing, like sweet peas or morning glories, in place of the beans. Hope it goes well for you!