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Chatting on e-mail with a nice woman who works at a charity for endangered livestock breeds. She sent me photos of turkeys. I could not resist doodling one—those heads! Like something out of Lovecraft! Good lord!

Sketch of a Royal Palm Turkey, from ref by Jeannette Beranger

Seriously, there is a kind of glorious elemental hideousness to a wattled-out tom turkey head. They’re spectacular. I want to woogle them.

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I am curious exactly what woogling entails

probably something to do with staring while going "Oh god would you look at the waddle on that'un? ain't he a beaut?"

Who needs aliens?
We have interesting enough things on our own planet!

I need aliens! lord knows there needs to be some intelligent life somewhere that isn't a dolphin.

From what I've heard of their calls they woogle themselves just fine.

That's a "doodle"? I feel so woefully inadequate now...

Woogle? I'm almost afraid to ask...

They're just as odd-looking in real life. Not a beautiful creature, but interesting.

It is my understanding that woogling turkeys is illegal in 42 out of the 50 states.

... and frowned upon, or considered immoral in the remaining 8. Except for Marin county.

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He looks like an Oud from Doctor Who. I hadn't realized until now how much the Oud look like turkeys, either.

Oh, well.

Well I totally understand "woogle". But then I work with animals. There are all sorts of verbs that apply to animals that don't apply quite as well to humans. Haha.

I spent a good portion of today reading Lovecraft in an effort to avoid real work. That wattle would definitely not be amiss tucked amongst these pages.

Might be a bit squishy though..

You know there's a Canadian scientist who's trying to 'back evolve' a chickenosaurus... clearly he's never looked at turkeys.

Mind you, I don't want to meet a veloci-turkey.

Ia! Ia! Chturkey ftaghn!!

He is eldritch and arcane, though not exactly Non-Euclidean.


I'd be afraid of losing appendages while woogling that one.

Hey -- it's a turkey. Kinda weird looking, and fairly big, as galliform birds go, but still basically suffering under the dual burdens of not being all that big and consisting mostly of feathers and tasty.

Now, think about all the saurischian critters that we presently lack, what with the dent in the Yucatan and diverse lamentable ecological side effects, and consider that they were probably way seriously into this kind of visual signaling for fitness.

So, you know, on the long list of "not especially unlikely but they just won't die in lagerstätten" you can find "sauropod wattles".

Mmmmmmmm....makes me want some Eldritch Gravy poured over some Sage-Ghroth stuffing with a side of Dagonberry Jelly

That turkey has a glorious snood.

I thought snood was a wonderfully old fashioned word, until I learned that's what they call the headcovering they wear in high tech cleanrooms.