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I am always amazed at how fast these little guys can move when they put their mind to it. I saw one once and thought it was a mouse, it was scurrying so fast.

NaNoFiMo: 15620

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I can never remember; are these the guys that tell you whether winter's going to be long and cold? Something about how wide their stripes are, I think?

I think it's how fuzzy they are? If they're really really fuzzy and poofy it's going to be a long winter? At least that's what my mom always told me.

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**blinkblink** Looks pettable... or is that a stinging caterpillar?

I believe they are pettable. If it's the same caterpillar that I remember, I cuddled them regularly as a child visiting my great-grandparents in Florida.

My uncle also showed me how to get tiny lizards to bite my earlobes so I could have lizard earrings, but that doesn't have anything to do with the fuzzy. Weird what memories resurface when you see a picture...

Awww, wooly bear! I swerved to avoid hitting one on the road, once. Good times.

I miss wooly bears! Texas doesn't have them (maybe because they're fairly sweet and cuddly, while every other bug in Texas wants to chew off your face?).

I thought that was Arizona?

I wish someone did a catalogue of all the names these critters go by. Might be a more interesting map than the "pop/soda" one.
(woolly worms up here)

I know I've seen one for the various dialectal words for "dragonfly" once...

........omgfuzzy. *wants to pet it* *and apparently regresses to age 4 where fuzzy caterpillars are concerned*

wooly bear caterpillars where I grew up, and if they had them here I would totally pet them (I have a bad habit of picking up hedgehogs...)

Mooommy! Some raccoon lost its tail!

aww, i love those. haven't seen one in IRL in a long while

Awww... wooly bear! I missed this year's Wooly Bear Festival. Really regretting it now. Such a cute picture.

There's a festival for caterpillers?

That's absolutely adorable! Wish we had those here, now. :)

Ok, what is that?

I agree with the adorable comments, but have no idea what it is.

I'm an Australian, btw, so please excuse my ignorance on the matter.

It's a Wooly Bear :D There's all sorts of superstitions about how hard the upcoming winter will be based on the width of the orange stripe; this one looks like he's anticipating a pretty mild one.

If you hold them in your hand they curl up into a tiny little fuzzy ball!

Utterly off topic, but some time back, Ms Vernon wrote a piece about sorcerers and other magic users being insane, They'd have to be, as anyone who would willingly act as a channel for that much power has to be off their rocker.

I want to show it to a friend, but I can't find it. Anyone got a link? Thanks.

I possibly need to go to bed. I could swear I saw that thing move just now. Also, awwwwwww adorable fuzzy caterpillar!

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