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The worst part about being self-employed is that when you’re waiting for other people to get back to you, you start to feel…unemployed. Yes. I have done all my writing for the day. I am totally and completely on track for everything, if not way ahead of schedule, I have written 2200 words today, I would be justified in laying on the bed and playing video games, but…well…then I’d feel like a slacker.


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This is something that terrifies me about possibly going full-time self-employed at some point in the near future. I will either be working 24/7 and never stop again..or I'll find myself caught up, and then unable to NOT stop working without feeling guilty and freaking myself out.

My brainweasels, let me show you them.

Yeah, that. Only I am self-employed, and feeling it right now. ):

Yeah, I definitely had that problem when I was self-employed for awhile. Wake up, eat breakfast, work, eat lunch, work, eat dinner, work, go to bed. Ended up making me a bit stir-crazy.

Of course, Ursula can demonstrably handle herself in this respect, being, to all appearances, about as sane as any artist.

My current schedule involves "wake up; eat; go to day job; run errands; eat at desk; go home; work for self; eat dinner; work for self; sleep; repeat." I'm missing a lather and rinse in there somewhere, I think.

Ugh. Try two jobs and school or two jobs and freelance work. Get up, work, dinner, work, sleep-work, dinner sleep. Get up work, dinner-freelance, sleep. Get up, work, dinner, freelance, work, dinner, sleep. It's a good way to lose weight, but a bad way to stay sane for more than three weeks at a time. That's like 4 or 5 days listed there. I think. I ended up losing any sense of time.

On the other hand, being employed is feeling like a slacker knowing you'll still get paid at the end of the day.
Time to work on personal projects?

...huh. That's the part I like best (when the ball's in someone else's court, and you have at least a plausible excuse not to be doing anything).

I suspect that's just another reason why you're successfully self-employed and I prefer having a day job, though. When it comes right down to it, I don't really want to work... :P

You could always tell more Zkalune and Horse stories, while you wait for the Ball In Other Peoples' Courts... *beams at you*


Horse is flattered, though at the moment it looks like the ball's in my court.

Did I say 'ball'? I meant 'balls.' Of multiple shapes, colors, and sizes.

*panics quietly*

I've got a self-run sideline, and it's hard. It's like Ursula was saying with the big publishers, they've got people who are handling all the business details and you just do the thing that you love to do. Well, if you want work when you're self-employed, it usually means that you're going out there and promoting constantly, and you're the one who has to field stupid questions and handle unexpectedly shady deals (recently had someone ignore the bit where I said that I expected to be paid on the day of my services, and it took two months of wrangling to receive payment).

An old boss of mine, as I was leaving his employ, confessed that he'd hoped that I would eventually decide to buy the business from him and he could retire while I ran the shop. I laughed and told him that that was a great dream, but I like having someone else responsible for my paychecks.

Yes, all that, exactly!

I freelance as a sideline, and I'm trying to get away from it. So sick of trying to convince people that what I do is worth money (After it's done, they love it and come back for more -- return customers are the only reason I'm still doing any freelancing at all -- but somehow people manage to take up hours of your time and then decide not to work with you at all).

I'm heading more towards "I do art, and if people like it, they can buy it, ha," as the thing to do with my time.

You could play in the garden for a while!
It's still "work"!

Clearly, you need to start up a new webcomic ;)

Maybe try thinking of it as a reward? Or give yourself another task, and have chilling out with video games be the reward for that task... It's the best I've got, short of kicking people in the shins. (I'm sure they don't actually deserve it...)

2200 words in a day exceeds my personal record and seems quite impressive to me.

If it's any help, I spent my entire day at work doing not much at all thanks to a hardware failure that knocked the company's storage area network offline. They've been working on it since yesterday; kinda wondering how things are going.

Of course, I got paid for it ...

2200 words obviates the slacker part by definition.

But as a fellow self-employed person, I do understand completely.

There's a saying that being self-employed means you get to choose which sixteen hours per day you'll work.

No engine works well if it works constantly. Downtime is a requirement. If you don't rest when you can afford it, you'll be too stressed to survive the times when you can't.

Where was this quote when I needed it last week?!

(my family has been having a fight on facebook over where to have Christmas, and my sister in law brought out the line 'Not everyone has the LUXURY of being self employed!!!' There was uproarious, bitter laughter as a response)

Not my place to say it, but perhaps your sister-in-law should get a clue-by-four for Christmas?

Good luck.

Client: we sent the check; Wells Fargo said it is in the mail. Let us know if you don't get it "soon".

Me: (thinking) great, like dealing with Ohio's unemployment office all over again.

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