UrsulaV (ursulav) wrote,

Emphasis on the Fi…

Well, NaNoFiMo has claimed another victim—I had a mad 3500 word jag today, and knocked off Dreambreath.

Now I am having post-partum book blues. I was able to stave them off on Bread Wizard because I had to immediately go to Dreambreath, but now they’re BOTH done, and all I have to work on is these unsold projects and god, I have too much free time now, I am seriously under-employed there were several whole hours this morning when I had nothing that had to be done and I’m not feeling the art bug and I had to go buy edging bricks for the garden so I didn’t feel like I was wasting the morning and if I am not working AT ALL TIMES how will I hold off the nebulous Bad Thing that lurks in the dark space slightly to the left of the mirror waiting to strike the unproductive and drive them into grinding poverty and/or the life of a Wal-mart greeter?

My neuroses. Let me show you them.

(Thank god they need me to paint the cover tomorrow, or I might have to take drastic measures.)


NaNoFiMo: 23343

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Tags: writing
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