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By the way…

There’s a series of auctions running to support Terri Windling, the well-known author/editor/artist/etc who’s hit some rough patches in recent months. Ms. Windling certainly doesn’t know me from Adam, but The Wood Wife was one of the touchstone books during my divorce, so I’ve contributed the very last jumbo-sized artist’s proof of “Naked Mole Rat Dreams” to the cause—it’s been on my studio wall for a couple of years now, being one of the very few of my own pieces I really like, but hey, good cause.

The auction doesn’t actually mention shipping, but it’s free, since…well…y’know.

Anyway, go check it out, there’s some amazing stuff available, bid early and often!

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I was looking through the auction offerings, thought you might like this one..

Oh, very pretty! I liked the clockwork fox, too.

I just found the clockwork fox, and bidding has already hit $100.

Did you see the Neil Gaiman first edition, autographed? Bidding will go through the roof on that one

Thanks for letting me know about this -- "The Wood Wife" is one of my favorite books, and I'm a longtime lover of many of the enterprises Terri contributed to, including Endicott Studio.

Do you happen to know if there are any links to just *donate*, as opposed to bidding on an auction? I'm not in a great financial place myself right now (my daughter has had $14K in medical bills this year), but I'd like to give at least a little if I can.

-- A <3

They have a Paypal account under the email address Magick4Terri@gmail.com

There's a Donate button just under the Current Tilly Total at the top of each page.

Aside, there are some incredible auctions up. I don't know if I'll be able to resist bidding! :D

Thank you!!

(Sorry, fighting off migraine, may have missed something obvious.)

I'm going to just go ahead and donate -- I don't need any more Stuff right now, but I'd like to give what I can, and let the Stuff get sold to people who can bid higher :)

Thanks again!

-- A <3

On a mostly unrelated note, will you be doing any signings this holiday season in the Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill area? I have some wee ones on my list who would love a signed book.</p>


None are planned, but if you hit the B&N in Cary, I usually sign all their stock about once a week, so there's a good chance to get a couple!

Thanks, will do. My little sister loved her signed copy of Nurk last year.

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