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Bramble Dragons

Just something to scratch the art itch. I don't think the kid knows whether the dragons are real or not...come to think of it, neither do I...

Prints available!

I love it! Looks like a book cover for an interesting story...

Someone clearly needs to write a story that it goes to?

Yes! This would make a great Christmas card...

itz thee bunnee hee shud bee afraide uv. jeste sayinge.

Shhh, you'll spoil the surprise!

But what's the rabbit's part in all this?

(Deleted comment)
Their faces remind me of Sweetgrass Voice. Possibly because I recently reread Digger since it was inspiring me while writing Nano.

Yep, they reminded me of Sweetgrass Voice too.

It's Sweetgrass Voice and it brought friends!

I remember you saying you were still working on a stylized, cartoony human face. I think you found it, because this is instantly recognizable as your style.

Thank you! I've been trying...it's still not natural to me, and I wind up moving things around a LOT in the process, but it's starting to come together...


Edited at 2011-12-06 04:35 am (UTC)

I'm buying it because of the bunny...

I'm seriously considering it because of the bunny, too!

Bramble Dragons

The girl reminds me of the girl who got off the bus to discover herself on an island, whence she was collected (along with the masked cat) by the bear in the rowboat. Further adventures, perchance?

Also, I listened to this and thought of your D&D nights.

My immediate reaction was that it is Sweetgrass Voice.

*looks for an oracular slug*

Reminds me of going to the office every day...

BTW, what email works best for you, or do we need to message you?

ursulav (at) gmail.com oughta get you there just fine!

The bunneh will save them!
It has big huge teeth, and it can jump, and... look at the bones!

Can I am this one at my kids at the library and see if they come up with some stories? (Ala The Mysteries of Harris Burdick?) Because it really is asking for it.