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My Crude First Attempt

Well, here we go, my first stab at it.

Fits a standard human head. Or a stuffed Biting Pear, interestingly enough.

I suspect that every person who plays around with leather masks probably makes some variation on this design first. I learned a number of things, like “Punch the holes for the strap BEFORE you mold it to a form, dumbass!”

Acrylic ink—I used the FW Daler brand, which I use for everything—sinks into the leather very well and doesn’t become quite as opaque as standard acrylic–looks a bit more like a dye. I used that as a base coat, then picked up the highlights along the nose, brows, and cheekbones with fluid acrylic, and did the copper bits with Lumiere fabric paint.I may try to see it with the Krylon clear glaze, but that will require daylight and the porch, as there is nothing quite as sad as having a stray moth adhere itself to your art.

For my next trick, we’ll see if I can master the arcane art of the rivet! And perhaps whether it is possible to glue two pieces of leather together effectively. I have stuff that claims to me leather glue, but We Shall See.

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Very nice!

You can do amazing things with leather, I would never have thought of it at all.

Here's Zarathus's second mask, she's amazing.

So she says to me, "teach me how to carve wood"

OK, I think, I'll do what we do with kids - start her with a block of soap and a plastic knife - and something rough will emerge that will get her used to the tools.

When the spermatazoa carved soap and the snail in shell carved soap were done, I threw up my hands realizing that if you hand her an art form and vague instructions, she'll figure it out really quickly.

I refuse to let her try chainsaw carving - even though she really, really wanted to try it after seeing local artist Clyde Jones do his thing...

I took a set of Beados to our local con to give away in return for pixel art, but couldn't get anyone interested. :(

If I ever get to a con with Ursula again I'll definitely try again!

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