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Rivet-Bird Mask

He was in a hair band in the Eighties.

Red ink, black paint, and a combination of Quinacridone gold and Van Dyke Brown for the cere. (Thanks again, Dragonlaady!) Whatever material is dying the brads stains the red leather immediately around it, but I actually don’t mind that at all, given my love for rust and mottling.

I’m actually pretty pleased with how this one came out. I’m tempted to make a follow-up with a second frill, possibly with some long swoopy bits, and definitely with a separated beak. (Although I might have to wait on some stiffer leather for the swoopies.) But I also just got in a roll of really really lightweight leather—3.5 oz—and I wanna fool with that a bit—possibly layered over the heavier split leather.

It’s got an elastic strap in back, which is currently holding it on our lovely model, a taxidermy form for a bobcat. (Let’s give the bobcat head a big hand! It’s her first modelling gig on the internet!)

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Your skills are more than abundant! Beautifully done. I find masks very disturbing.

So many degrees of Awsome!

Oooh but I love it! You are making it even more tempting for me to try my hand at mask making!

Very cool, nice coloring.

On the one hand, YES AWESOME YES YES. So cool. So pretty. On the other hand, this is exactly what Deadpool would look like if he were a bird. I'm unsure whether this is furry Deadpool fan art or not.

That is awesome and is indubitably a Cold Servant.

A punk goth Cold Servant!


(Deleted comment)
Or like a spare costume piece for Corvus Corax...

Oddly enough, I'd love to see a fringe of feathers around the crown of that!

Beautiful! The rivets on the black around the eyes are particularly striking.

Edited at 2011-12-25 04:30 am (UTC)

(Deleted comment)

And much applause for the bobcat form's debut.

looks like something from Labyrinth

You remind me of the babe....

That's what I thought - Jareth would like it very much.


Wow, that is so cool looking!

Reminds me of Hexadecimal from Reboot! Pretty sweet!

I love seeing folks experiment with new materials!

that is an excellent bird mask.

Yay, bobcat. Excellent work. Also, very nice mask - wow.

So cool! I definitely want to try leather mask making sometime soon!

Upon coming here to check for updates, this was the first thing I saw. I quite literally gasped and said, "Oh wow." outloud. My mask-masking skills pale in comparison...

Completely unrelated, but..

Ursula, can you recommend a specific 'starter' book so as to get into Sabrina Jeffries? I found a short story of hers, but what works well for short stories may be a kiss of death (for me, stylistically) in a longer work.

And my young nephew is enthralled with the Dragonbreath books. He picks which one he wants, and hugs them after they're done reading.

I'd ask why you have a bobcat taxidermy form, but, y'know...it's you. Of course you have a bobcat taxidermy form.

This is sort of what I was wondering! There's random, and then there's bobcat taxidermy forms... it's a whole 'nother order of magnitude. The Randomness To Which We All Aspire.

We just look forward to your forthcoming new works all based on stuffed bobcats...


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