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White Jackalope III

The end of the year has apparently kicked off a mad desire to paint more vaguely-voluptuous white animals on collaged paper backgrounds.


6 x 12, mixed media on collaged papers sealed to board. I really like how the intensely patterned black and white fleur-de-lys paper works there. The pages are scraps from Dr. Spock. (Kevin had an old copy lying around and tossed it at me to Make Into Art. If you peer closely through the paint, you can find references to headaches, blind children, and prunes.*)

Anyway, original for sale, prints available, etc, although I’m hoping to scrape a couple together for upcoming shows…

*Mentioning baby’s first prunes to someone who has changed diapers, it turns out, is not unlike setting off bottle-rockets next to someone with severe PTSD. Kevin goes a little grey around the lips even now. I am told that he’s seen…things.

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Ironically, Spock was a dumbfuck workaholic and his wife did all the actual child raising.

Makes sense. So much of his advice sounded like it came from someone who never actually raised children firsthand.

That man has set child rearing back so damned far in America it's disgusting.
People love quoting him, and then they're shocked to find out that Spock's son committed suicide.

His schizophrenic grandson was the one who committed suicide. I think the wires got crossed somewhere and it started getting passed on as his son, because I hear it often.

Mr. Spock: Child Rearing the Logical Way.

Oooo, it's lovely! Yet another to add to my list of art by Ursula I eventually need to get enough money to order.

On a completely different note, I thought you should know... one of my good friends owns her very own Biting Pear plushie (named Ed, for our favorite Hyena painter) and very recently was given a wombat plushie, whom she has dubbed Ursula. I'm told Ed and Ursula hang out frequently.

*waves* Hi!

Yeah; they were fast friends, even though Ursula makes fun of Ed's green beret. He had to have a silly hat, after all. :P

Such a pretty jackalope. ^_^ *nodnod* Totally rational behavior.

That's gorgeous!! As for the prunes... I have this habit of reading your posts out loud to my husband. When I mentioned prunes, I watched him go pale and glance at our child warily. Said child looked up at him and giggled. (I didn't think the prune diapers were so bad, but then, I have been projectiled upon for the entirety of her life, and not just by vomit. There is little that phases me anymore.)

You did just fine, I understood it. :D

Have you got a 27B-6?

Looks lovely! <3

There are few things that you can do that to new parents that should be banned by the Geneva Conventions.
Giving them a care package with various soft foods when the child is ready to start transitioning and including strained prunes is one of those things.

- Krin (uncle, 13 times over. Black belt in 'oh my gawd' Uncle-Fu)

Edited at 2011-12-28 10:57 pm (UTC)

I always thought that I would be able to take a jab at my brother by way of buying noisy toys for his kid. Then he took all the joy out of it by buying her even more noisy toys than I did. I was so proud of myself for finding a fire truck with a siren that works on friction and his reaction was, "So I never need to change the batteries on this? That's GREAT!"

An evil person might gift a cute huggable furry plushy with one of those battery operated pressure activated music boxes in it, but which lacks any way to replace the batteries save having a parent take a knife to the beloved huggable best-friend-forever in order to tear out the stuffing and replace the battery.

He wins if he does this and upon replacing the battery cries out "It Lives! It LIVES! BWAHAHAha!!!" and sews it shut with rainbow colored shoelaces.

- Krin

Edited at 2011-12-28 11:58 pm (UTC)

*falls over laughing*

That's...priceless. Major props, Uncle Kin.

I do like your vaguely voluptuous animals I do.

Has the original already been snapped up, or has it not made its way into the gallery yet?

It has not been so snapped! Drop a line at ursulav (at) gmail.com for price and all that...

Just noticed. Spock writings are hiding behind blue wallpaper the the lope has been tearing at?

Is this an anti-"yellow wallpaper" piece?

Possibly a wee bit TMI but I was told when I was a baby my parents would play a game. One would feed me and the other would have to guess what I had based on the color.

I literally laughed out loud. Awesome game! Must pass it on! Never thought to do it myself, despite two kids.

Perfectly normal. You should do more!

Totally normal behavior for you, yes!

The Ursula is functioning precisely as expected.

Perfect timing to remind me just how much I want prints of the two white cat paintings... *sigh* If only moving didn't cost so much money.

...normal for a distribution on UrsulaV, anyway.

I... the timing on this is amazing.

I was thinking of you the other day. My friend was the producer of a children's play. And its title was - I kid you not - "Bulby the Christmas Jackalope." And now you paint this. So what's the third one going to be?

I love this piece.
I'm a fan of anything Jackalope.

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