UrsulaV (ursulav) wrote,

Owl Mask

I’ve got a styrofoam head on order, but in the meantime, the bobcat head will continue her internet modeling career.

Lessons learned from this one: Never paint anything white.

Horrible awful color, lousy coverage, brush strokes stand out in sharp relief, needs to be touched up ten times over. We Will Not Be Doing That Again.

Lesson #2: Liquid Leaf does a gloriously strong metallic that covers in a single coat, looks nicely metallic, and adheres to leather beautifully. It also produces fumes so toxic that I believe I am measurably stupider after having used it. I could hear my brain cells exploding, like distant popcorn.

I think the smell has mostly dissipated and wearing the mask is the no longer the equivalent of huffing paint thinner, but in the future, I’ll stick to the Luminere brand if at all possible, although it doesn’t cover half so well.

I had a lot of fun with this design, which is based loosely on an antique carnivale mask. I like the shape here, but I may have to try doing a more realistic one, with actual feathers ‘n stuff, just to see how that comes out.

I am going to have to start selling these just to make up the price of leather, but I feel weird about it, since I am so desperately new to this sorta thing and have no notion of pricing whatsoever—the price of a GOOD mask is exorbitant, and this is just me screwin’ around.  So, errr…somebody make me an offer? (Lyssandra, you get right of first refusal if you want it, since you kept asking. *grin*)

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Tags: art
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