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Oh, yeah…

Also, I have a vague memory of a book coming out, by some weirdo author person….


(Okay, that’s an Amazon link, but if you can, totally go buy it from your local bookstore. Bookstores are hurting. Also, I get more money that way.)

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My copy arrived in the mail (in Australia) yesterday :) Reading now :)

Edited at 2012-01-12 10:31 pm (UTC)

'fraid as an international reader Amazon's the best place to buy.

hooray for Danny Dragonbreath!

Woo-hoo! My four-year-old son and I love Danny and Wendell!

This Bunny approves of this an announcement!

Edited at 2012-01-12 11:30 pm (UTC)

Just got our copy, now to try to keep it hidden until the kiddo's birthday next week. She'll never know if it's been read before she gets it, right?

It fades the print.

[I have always made it a rule not to read gift books before they've been given. YMMV.

I have been known to say, when a family member opens a book I gave them, "And let me know when you're done because I'd LOVE to borrow it from you!" Their usual response is a jawdrop and, "Wow. You DO love me ..."

Huh. I frequently read books before I give them to people- I call it "quality control". ;) And with kids books, I'm usually checking to make sure they're good/not too old/not too young for the recipient. Dragonbreath has already passed that test, but that's still my excuse.

I bought three copies! Had to go Amazon.com though, all the local places didn't carry the Dragonbreath series.

... Three hours and 180 miles out from Cincinnati. Approximatly Lafayette, Indiana. I hope that isn't a spoiler.

Congrats on the latest book.

OMG. The kids will be ecstatic! (No, really, she'll really do that dance. Only in a dinosaur t-shirt)

Hmm. And maybe I will make it the reward for cleaning their rooms really well this weekend, so I can read it first. muhahahah.

It is currently in stock, for you Northern Seattle types, at Third Place Books. (Just don't give up when the search results for "dragonbreath" are bogus.)

Edited at 2012-01-13 04:10 am (UTC)

I got mine on the fifth. Yay!

My lover and I went out on a date night specifically to purchase this book. The looks we got over hot wok when we were huddling together in the booth to read a children's graphic novel were priceless. Much entertainment. :)

Also, I get more money that way. See, that is useful info for us non-publishing-world-insiders! I had no idea :)

Yup! In essence--and skimming a lot of math I only barely comprehend myself--I get a fixed percentage of what it sells for, so if you buy at a bookstore, I get that percentage of full cover price, whereas through Amazon and other bargain retailers, who demand a discounted price from the publisher, I get the percentage of the discounted price.

It's better to buy at Amazon than not at all, don't get me wrong, and I'm delighted people are buying it at all, but if you've got the option, bookstores are better for your local economy and my wallet.

I love my local bookstore (and they're relocating to a 15th century church next year, it's going to be a beautiful store!) and they're very helpful so I generally try to order things through them :)

Snagged it at Costco this very day- my girl is a wee it young, but i have high hopes, oh yes i do

I think this one is my new favorite thus far. :)

I greatly look forward to reading this one! (Not that I didn't look forward to the previous ones...but, JACKALOPE!)

Part of me hopes that you used this book to educate children about the effects of papillomaviruses on lagamorphs, but the more practical side of me doubts such ideas would have gotten by your editors.

Owing less to the fact that all bookstores are hurting and more to the one that Borders/Waldenbooks was badly mismanaged, and I'm in Wyoming, there is, in fact, not a store that sells new books within about a 125-mile radius of where I am. I don't know how I've managed over the last two months, honestly. Oh, right. Libraries. God bless 'em.

At any rate, I am looking forward to buying Bunnybreath as a welcome home present to myself when I get back to Ohio. Thanks for the reminder that it's out! :)

Sorry, can't let it go.

Are they horned bunnies or antlered bunnies? You switched terms about halfway through, and they're NOT THE SAME THING. Horns and antlers are distinct anatomical structures.

Re: Sorry, can't let it go.

They definitely are, and it is to my shame that we did not make that clear...

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