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Travelling, Travelling…

Off to the Great White North, hopefully to spot a snowy owl (or at least not get snowed in.) It’s a whirlwind business/birding trip, so I’m getting minimal socializing in, but we’ll almost certainly be back later this year, and hopefully can do more hanging out.

In the meantime, I am now Ready For Spring. I was mulching in Hello Kitty pajamas yesterday. (Yes, that will be the title of my memoir.) My brain would like to get into Serious Gardening Mode now. I am being forced to read gardening books to stay sane. They aren’t helping.

Spring, damn you!

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In my late teens I hung out with a remarkable group of women who were raptor rehabilitators, and learned from one who specialized in owls that snowy owl fledglings are among the slowest to learn to tuck up their legs in flight, letting them dangle instead. The reason speculated is that out on the tundra there's not much tall vegetation for them to crack their toes on. A few good sharp smacks on the toes tends to make you pick up your feet.

Deb in Kamas

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