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Travelling, Travelling…

Off to the Great White North, hopefully to spot a snowy owl (or at least not get snowed in.) It’s a whirlwind business/birding trip, so I’m getting minimal socializing in, but we’ll almost certainly be back later this year, and hopefully can do more hanging out.

In the meantime, I am now Ready For Spring. I was mulching in Hello Kitty pajamas yesterday. (Yes, that will be the title of my memoir.) My brain would like to get into Serious Gardening Mode now. I am being forced to read gardening books to stay sane. They aren’t helping.

Spring, damn you!

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Meanwhile, in California, I am cursing the blue sky and howling for it to "Winter, damn you!" We have not had a single big winter storm, and I am starting to have visions of an apocalyptic fire season come summer.

Hey, a couple years ago us in Québec city would have been GLAD to export a few tons of snow out to you poor deprived southern people. 2008 was a record year for snow here. We had over 12 feet of the stuff just lying about.

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