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Travelling, Travelling…

Off to the Great White North, hopefully to spot a snowy owl (or at least not get snowed in.) It’s a whirlwind business/birding trip, so I’m getting minimal socializing in, but we’ll almost certainly be back later this year, and hopefully can do more hanging out.

In the meantime, I am now Ready For Spring. I was mulching in Hello Kitty pajamas yesterday. (Yes, that will be the title of my memoir.) My brain would like to get into Serious Gardening Mode now. I am being forced to read gardening books to stay sane. They aren’t helping.

Spring, damn you!

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I had the chance to visit a fair bit with an Eagle Owl named Archimides last year; he was only 5 years old and had been hand-raised from hatching (yes, the owner had him legally) and was the most gorgeous, friendly raptor I'd ever seen. He seemed to think that he could fit his humongous body inside his owner's leather jacket and kept attempting to snuggle; apparently he'd done this a lot as a fledgling and the idea had stuck. His owner also mentioned that Archimides had a habit of sneaking onto his and his wife's bed during the night and nibbling his hair.

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