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Travelling, Travelling…

Off to the Great White North, hopefully to spot a snowy owl (or at least not get snowed in.) It’s a whirlwind business/birding trip, so I’m getting minimal socializing in, but we’ll almost certainly be back later this year, and hopefully can do more hanging out.

In the meantime, I am now Ready For Spring. I was mulching in Hello Kitty pajamas yesterday. (Yes, that will be the title of my memoir.) My brain would like to get into Serious Gardening Mode now. I am being forced to read gardening books to stay sane. They aren’t helping.

Spring, damn you!

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I may have relayed this story before, so sorry if it's a repeat...

The coolest owl incident I've ever been a witness too happened 8 years ago (maybe 9). I was driving my big rig along the highway, with another truck ahead of me, and we were talking on the radio to pass the time. The guy in the front truck commented "Hey, there's an owl on that fencepost over there". Just as he was passing said owl, the owl then took off, and flew right into the side of his trailer. It bounced off, turned around and flew right back to the fencepost, and proceeded to smooth it's feathers. No doubt it was telling itself, "yeah, I meant to do that." As far as I know, the owl was fine, lost a few feathers, and had a story to tell.

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