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Prisoner of the Great White North

So I got into Seattle last night around nine, found the city paralyzed with snow, and managed with the aid of a disgruntled cab driver, to get to our friend Tina’s. (Actually, the cab driver, who thought I should have gotten a hotel, that Kevin should have come to meet me, that snow was a cruel joke perpetrated by an unkind god, etc, got me as far as a Jack-In-The-Box parking lot. Tina and Kevin came and rescued me from death by ice. This was very kind of them.)

This morning, freezing rain has left a quarter-inch of ice on every surface, and most of our plans for birding and work and so forth have been completely kiboshed, what with the inability to leave the house and all.

But all is not lost! There is a varied thrush on the feeder, visible just outside the window as I write, and a varied thrush is arguably the most spectacular bird you’ve never heard of. There is also a chesnut-backed chickadee, a cavalcade of Oregon juncos, two of the coldest and surliest Anna’s hummingbirds ever (Tina keeps going out to unfreeze the feeder for them) and a spotted towhee so magnificent that he is like the platonic ideal of a spotted towhee.

The thrush, though, is incredible. Dude. What a bird.

Hopefully we will be out of deep-freeze tomorrow and able to go on the hunt for the emperor goose, king eider, and snowy owls that may be available, but for the moment, I am just seriously in awe of that thrush.

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Was the two inches what they meant by crippled, or had it picked up since then?

Yay thrush!

Poor hummingbirds! D: Surly birds in snow!

Yikes! I take it that it's all ice under the snow?

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Oh! You're in Seattle? Welcome to Cascadia! Normally I'd do things like insist that Rainier actually does exist even if you can't see it. But this is one of our Baja Canada moments, so enjoy the skiing and try not to die. ^_^

Baja Canada is the best phrase I've ever heard for our wintery... times. Ok if I steal it?

Yes, but does it cast a Socratic Spotted Towhee?

As a denizen of what is generally known up here as the Great White North, I was wondering where you were going.

Stellar's jays were my favorite bird when I lived out that way. Poor, poor Anna's hummingbirds!

Humming birds in snow?

Yeah, at that point, I don't think they're so much humming as beaks chattering. ;)

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Yes, I'm kind of curious myself as to how it's going to work tonight....

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I got curious and looked up a pic of the Varied Thrush, and Oh WOW, they're pretty! Even the females look like they're decked out for a night on the town.

Good luck tomorrow; don't freeze your painting fingers off (or any other body part, for that matter.)

Can she hook up a light by the hummer's feeder? Something they can perch next to? I don't think snow is optimal for those guys.

Heh. Welcome to Seattle, where a few snowflakes send the entire city into a panic! To be fair, the city is handling it far better than they did last year. Fortunately, the stuff doesn't usually last very long here.

Yes, well, didn't they also overturn the no-salt law after last year, too? Or was it the year before?

If it thaws later today, have you got evening plans? Luchog and I would love to meet up with you.

Sadly, yes, we have plans--although at this rate, those may be quite moot...

Hah! Yeah this is my first Seattle winter, I havent been able to get into work all week :P I've never seen a place so utterly unprepared for snow, and I went to college in florida..

I've lived here for six and a half years, and this is the worst weather I've seen so far. Over five inches of snow accumulation on my driveway, and it's still going; I think the last week has actually had more snow than the rest of my time here combined.

The arrival of you and your localized reality-warping field in the area either explains the weather, or implies that it's about to get a whole lot stranger...

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The varied thrushes are beautiful as are the chestnut-backed chickadees.
I'm a bur further south in Portland and there is a local refuge where there is an emperor goose hanging out. Due to rain (the refuge trails flood when it rains) I haven't been out to see him yet. Maybe the Seattle snow will push the snowy owls a little further south to the Portland area.

Hope you guys don't get cabin fever, PNW tends to freak out over the white stuff that falls from the sky.