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(no subject)

I just walked three miles and some change along a greenway with some friends of mine.

I'm sure my feet would hurt, but I can't feel 'em, so it's all good.

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I feel your pain, or lack there off because of deadness...

I worked out for the first time in a year sat. and I'm still stiff...

I almost managed to stay off any lasting injury throughout my entire three-day ski trip this weekend, even after a collision with my uncle at about 50 MPH which sent both of us hurtling into the trees with our gear flying everywhere (I swear, ESPN *needed* to get this on slow-mo) and numerous other seemingly lethal wipeouts which instead turned out to be "wicked awesome". Almost. That is, until literally the final minutes of my stay there, when I was attempting to yank off a stubbornly tight ski boot and caught it at a bad angle, pulling my groin...tendon...thing. OW. So now I'm okay, only I have to sit down and put on socks much more gingerly now. Uf.

Sorry to hear about your trek. What happened, a breakdown? Hope things are alright. Take it easy, and all that.

Re: Feel the paiiin.

No, it was voluntary!

I pulled my groin once. It's particularly embarassing if you're a girl, because there's just not that much there to pull. It was so bloody weird, because things were almost normal, but the most unexpected motions would leave me doubled over going "GNNRGH!"

Man... I'm so glad the days are getting longer again, finally. Day job + winter = walking isn't attractive except when I'm required to be sitting down indoors. And I've been missing the walking for months, now.

I live in the the sleepy little town of Garberville, which is about two and a half miles of river-front road away from the sleepier littler town of Redway, where they have better chicken strips and a few people worth visiting. It's a great walk with nice scenery, if you don't mind walking on a two-lane highway with no sidewalk and sheer cliffs on both sides (one for cars to push you over for an 80-foot drop into the dessicated husk of a river; one for cars to push you into and which incidentally is a very active rockslide zone). Last summer there were days when I went round trip twice; I probably walked at least 25 miles a week, often more.

I was thinner then, and my back hurt less.

... From three miles?

Ursula, dear, you need to get out walking more. o_- Or possibly get better shoes.

The former. I live the sedentary life of a digital artist, heavy on the snacking, light on the exercise.

I live in a dorm that's prolly... oh... 2/3rds of a mile from the main campus. I often walk there and back twice a day, so just on that commute 3 miles probably isn't atypical. I could take the buses, but that would mean dealing with schedules and stuff... and I need the exercise anyway.

That isn't the problem, though. The problem is when I forget to do laundry, am left with no socks, am forced by my Victorian sense of propriety not to wear shoes without socks or excessively dirty socks, and am left going out in my sandals, sans socks, in freezing weather.

Fortunately, my laundry tends to mysteriously get done soon after such incidents, not that I learn to do it earlier in the first place.

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