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I keep trying to find ways to paint birds, a way that I feel like I’m doing some justice to them, but not just churning out Yet Another Wildlife Portrait. I still don’t know if I’ve found it, but this one came out kinda neat.

8 x 12, mixed media over digital

Scanning this one was a bear. The blue glow is not quite so stark on the original, and the colors blend more smoothly into the background–the india ink is reflecting the light differently than the colored pencil, and that makes the scanner go into a tizzy. I had to do a lot of tweaking, and while this is close, the original is subtler. The alternative, however, involves tripods and swearing and lighting and I shudder to contemplate it.

Prints available, original for sale, drop a line for pricing and availability and all that.

Originally published at Tea with the Squash God. You can comment here or there.


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A Wren! I neeeeeeed it!

"You heard me! This is my fencepost! Now git!"

I love it!!

Very *you*, but also lovely and naturalistic.

Also, I love that the wren looks like s/he has an attitude -- works well with the barbed wire ;)

-- A <3

Did I not just post about wren attitude? That is one feisty little bird!

it's waiting for me to fall asleep! yikes!

He looks like he's on the crow's fencepost, aged a few years.

Oh, I do like that! It's accurate and life like, but yet the face has a LOT of personality in it.

Everything you art has so much personality.

Love the attitude (so wren-ish) and the barb wire.

I might just require this in my life. Perhaps. *shifty*

lol I love this pic. It reminds me of the many, many times while birdwatching my eye has been caught by some bird that somehow looks new and exciting and I frantically order ironpaw to take lots of photos* lest we miss out on IDing a new life bird... only to discover moments later when it finally emerges into view that it's a House Wren. Oh well, House Wrens are nice too.

*(We have a lot of photos of House Wrens taken in South America, lol.)

Wrens are some of the rare birds known to naurally produce Kherenkov radiation, the other being an obscure subspecies of pelican, which reserves it for mating displays...

Seroiusly though, it looks awesome. Loads of 'attitude' as mentioned, but also a strong presence, very attention grabbing.

Ah yes, the lesser known Pripyat Wren... known for being basically the toughest, meanest son of a shell in the entire Ukraine.

This wren will wrestle crows. For that fencepost.

When the viewer spotted the wren it was facing the other way, seemingly oblivious of the fact that it was being watched. The viewer leapt forward, but just then the wren turned, a sudden move accompagnied by a dramatic fanfare.

Oh wow, this is quite gorgeous, even if it's not as subtle as you were hoping. Lovely technique!

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