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Great Horned Owl Mask II

I'm an owl!

This is my second Great Horned Owl Mask, and pretty similar to the first, except that I added more gray to the feather design and darkened the bottom of the white eye circles, because…err…seemed like a good idea at the time.

As promised, this one goes to e-bay, because I have no idea how to price these, and am hoping the market can figure it out.

I’m noodling around with a few other designs as we speak, including a snowy owl, although I have no idea if that one will come out. It’s white. I hate painting white. Grrr.

Buy the owl!

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My co-worker, (nice one) collects owls.
*sends link to her*

(Deleted comment)
Oh, crap! I'm sorry--unintentional! I didn't realize that they were doin' that. I'm not sure I can fix it now, but I'll keep an eye out on future auctions!

ooo, the pretty.

You inspire me, Ursula, dear. I haven't made paper mache since grade 3 or so, but I went out and bought some and have been sketching Carnevale masks. =)

WOW. That is awesome.

Oh hey: actual (human-shaped) foam head!

Now I just need nice fabric and good lighting and we'll be cookin' with gas...

> and we'll be cookin' with gas...

And a sudden dreadful chill went down the audience's collective spines.

I ran across this site a while back when I started to think about making masks. Her prices are a pretty good idea where to start.

Though when I price my handmade jewelry for shows in the area I live in I normally price LOW.

I haven't however gotten my hands on any leather (need to double check to see if I might even have some.) Also haven't figured out how to mold the masks that have beaks or snouts.

I love snowy owls, so at the least I'm looking forward to seeing what you've wrought. :)

Just checked the current bid on ebay-- I told you to charge more than $30! =)

;-; Damn that's cool! I could cosplay as a Tayledras with this (or the snowy owl) mask. Well. Once I made or commissioned an outfit and wig with appropriate braiding and feathers of course. -stops due to being too much of a Velsparth/Valdemar geek-

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