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Life is Good

Today I hammered out most of a script upon my agent’s request. It is eighty pages, aimed for 5-7 year olds, required multiple cups of coffee, and at one point features a small sheep standing in a Viking longboat screaming “Valhalla, I am coming!”

Even if it doesn’t sell, the fact that this is my job makes me just unbearably pleased with life.

(Don’t ask, I don’t know, no, it hasn’t sold yet, it is still in infancy, there is no publication date or probability, and I will let you all know as soon as I know anything concrete.)

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Sounds delightful!

Anything to share on Regency Ninja, Tea Wizard, or other Specialty Profession fronts? :D

Regency Ninja's making the rounds soon, Bread Wizard's done and waiting for edits, and I'm doing the art on Dreambreath as we speak!

First thing that came to my mind: Viking Kittens.

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Can we get a picture of the sheep?

I'd love a piccie of the sheep to go in the kitchen next to Ursula's The Abyss Looks Back.

And the fact that you can tell us all abut it makes us pleased as well. I can see the picture now - though I am sure your artwork will be beet than my imagination.

It makes me think of your Viking hamsters.

That was also my first reaction.

Your brain is a silly, wonderful place. It should be made into a national park, with a grumpy ranger sitting in a little kiosk at the entrance.

Yes, but beyond that would be a morass of psychedelic strangeness. Most people will just go into the gift shop, buy post cards that try (and fail) to mimic pictures taken by random tourists, and leave. Quickly.

I think the girl looking for coffee would be the guide.

I'm for it!

I'm a children's librarian and the one thing I need more, more, more of are those beginning chapter books. I have a beautiful vision of something for those kids who desperately want to read Dragonbreath but aren't quite ready...and all my kids who want something that's not for "little kids" but every other chapter book I hand them is "too long"

*Sending happy thoughts towards viking sheep*

Ursula: Look, she's writing your marketing-to-publishers material for you!


Maybe sort of related, but I saw a bunch of your books at Wegmans, of all places (not far from Marcel the Shell with Shoes on)... :)

Re: BaaaaAAAAAAaaaaaAAAAAaaaaah!

I've seen stuff as far back as the first @ my local Wegmans.

The fact that you are living that kind of life, makes me very pleased with mine. Also, am pleased with life when re-read Digger. It's win/win. :P

and at one point features a small sheep standing in a Viking longboat screaming “Valhalla, I am coming!”

Ursula, you are a perfect human being.

Goddess, you're killing me.

I will fourth that sheep print. The night I buried my husband, I dreamed of him riding off to Valhalla on a big white horse (when he had never been on a horse in his life) after giving me a big hug and telling me it was my burial ceremony that got him in the doors.

DO THAT SHEEP PRINT!!! I want to frame one and call it Kevin.

After reading aloud your line about the small sheep screaming in the longboat, my family immediately identified you as the author.

And they all want to buy it NOW.

Oh, Immigrant's Song... you are a thing of great beauty and majestic froth.

I am glad that I was not the only one to hear Robert Plant's voice. For the rest of you check Youtube for "led zeppelin immigrant song".

The image of the small sheep on the Viking longboat only gets more awesome.

'...and at one point features a small sheep standing in a Viking longboat screaming “Valhalla, I am coming!”'

I must have this book.
And ditto to a print.

The pen-and-ink drawing, on a T-shirt. Cafe Press is calling!
Ooh, cafe, coffee - no, on a mug.
(Where's my coffee?)